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From High School Dropout to Real Estate Success, Sofia Estrada Castro Shares Her Story

In life, people often learn about the importance of going to school, graduating, and earning that diploma. It’s not uncommon for teachers, parents, and school staff members to encourage students to pursue college with the belief that having a degree is more important than anything. However, Sofia Estrada Castro proves that isn’t necessarily true. While having a certain level of education can help you get further in some aspects of life, you don’t need to go to college to succeed in real estate.

As a real estate investment queen, Sofia Estrada Castro started from the bottom as a high school dropout who secretly suffered from undiagnosed dyslexia. She’d eventually pursue different jobs, where she once worked at a bedding company and took on a role as an assistant and receptionist. While Sofia didn’t have trouble finding work, none of her previous jobs left her feeling fulfilled. She wanted more in life and decided that starting a business with her soon-to-be husband, Bobby, was a good idea.

“Bobby asked me if I would be willing to work on a business with him, and I decided to go for it because being an entrepreneur excited me. Unfortunately, the business didn’t work out. I went on to pursue other business ventures and even went to school to become an ultrasound technician,” shared Sofia Estrada Castro. “I eventually worked at a cardiologist’s office, but I couldn’t get over the idea of running a business, so Bobby and I kept looking for more opportunities. We knew the entrepreneurial lifestyle was for us.”

The next opportunity required a bit of an investment, which meant Sofia Estrada Castro would need to borrow around $1800 from her mother. She invested the money and worked on the business at night while still maintaining her day job. The work started picking up within a year, so Sofia decided it was the right time to quit and give the business her undivided attention.

“We worked hard and used everything we learned from the how-to kit we purchased to our advantage. There were many long days and even longer nights, but there was a method to our madness that worked. The business we started many years ago currently generates billions of dollars each year. I’ve now made millions of dollars from fixing, flipping, buying, and renting. I want to use my knowledge to help other people. My goal is to show other women how to have success in real estate investing,” said Sofia Estrada Castro.

Known as the Real Estate Investing Queen, Sofia Estrada Castro has developed Queen Ventures with women in real estate in mind. The goal is to empower women to get involved in the industry while providing them with the education and tools needed for success. In addition, she hopes to help women excel in an industry heavily populated by men while teaching ladies of all ages that it’s never too late to build generational wealth and gain financial security through real estate investing.

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