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Successful Business-Maker Kamil Hage Launches His New Brand, Munchies

After having established several successful ventures of his own and helping other businesses become multi-million dollar companies, most people would expect entrepreneur and consultant Kamil Hage to slow down and enjoy the fruits of his labor. Instead, he once again proves that nothing can get in the way of his greatest passion in life despite the current world crisis that has forced many businesses to shut down. He is launching another promising brand, Munchies, that already has more than 300 dispensaries in California alone. 

At present, Munchies products are available at Elite Dispensary Cookies, Lemonade, Dr. Green Thumb, Culture, Valley Pier, and Backpack Boyz. It is poised to expand in several key areas in and outside of the country, including Las Vegas, Colorado, Michigan, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Munchies has partnered with other brands to add value to its products. It collaborated with CJ for the release of interesting strains such as Woopty, Zaza, and Blue Cheese. It also partnered with Nature Refine, one of the biggest and more reliable cultivation companies in California. 

With Kamil Hage at the helm of taking the company to the next level, he was able to initiate remarkable tie-ups with Dan Bilizerian of Ignite, host some of the biggest events in Los Angeles, such as the COVID party of the year on TMZ, and the July 4th festivities, among others. 

“Nothing is better than watching a group of individuals come together and build a business that has culture behind it,” Kamil Hage explained. “I love watching people like myself who started with nothing and built a future for their friends and family. All the companies I started and worked with were startups. Shredz, with $10,000 in the bank account, turned into a $100 million business,” he added. 

This serial entrepreneur has more than 12 years of unmatched experience in marketing and management. He came from Lebanon and came to the United States aboard a ship during the 1989-1990 war. He and his family took the opportunity to rebuild their lives in the United States and dedicated themselves to preserving their culture while also appreciating the American way of life. They worked hard to establish themselves as respectable entrepreneurs, and Kamil Hage eventually surfaced as one of the most successful businessmen of this generation.

He started his career by building a well-known team called Ciroc Ambassadors for nightclubs across the East Coast. In 2015, he was instrumental in helping Shredz, a multi-million dollar athletic and supplement company, in creating a strong and successful brand. He also helped launch EthereumMax, with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, and Paul Pierce endorsing it on social media. Confident that he has what it takes to develop his own brand, Kamil Hage launched Sugar & Kush in 2019, a CBD company that is able to generate at least $10 million a year.

If anything, Kamil Hage is an entrepreneur worth learning from. Mastering the art of developing a self-sustaining business and turning it into a multi-million dollar generating venture is an achievement that very few have accomplished. By sharing his success story, he looks forward to seeing more entrepreneurs take the leap and pursue their dreams just as he did. There is no doubt that in the next few years, Sugar & Kush is going to enjoy greater success and revenues.

Learn more about Kamil Hage and Munchies by visiting this website. Find out more about Sugar & Kush on their website.

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