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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Nightlife Guru Shaheen Sheeti Elevates High-Caliber Hospitality in Los Angeles

Sourced photo
Sourced photo

Image commercially licensed from Unsplash

Shaheen, also known as HabibiCheeks, hosting long-time YouTuber Tana Mongeau & TikToker Bryce Hall, at his weekly night at Poppy, “Poppy Wednesdays.” Influencers @banks, @chrismiles, @itsnatewyatt were in attendance at these events.

There’s a certain perk to visiting or living in Los Angeles, the world’s entertainment capital. In the City of Angels, every night is party time, and on every street corner, there are people ready to get their groove on and party all night. Vibrant themes and decor, DJs and performers set the scene daily but getting into these world-class clubs and venues in Los Angeles requires the proper connection. Thankfully, club promoter and event host HabibiCheeks, who’s real name is Shaheen Sheeti, has made it his mission to take the dynamic nightlife of Los Angeles to the next level, giving residents and visitors access to the most exclusive & rad parties.

Renowned for his bubbling personality, HabibiCheeks is the life of the party, dominating LA nighttime with the hottest star-studded gatherings. The highly accomplished celebrity host has cemented his reputation as the go-to person for access to the most exclusive parties. As a matter of fact, he has hosted several influencers, celebrities and notable personalities such as famous TikToker Larri Merritt, TikTokers Tony Lopez & his brother Ondreaz Lopez, actress Scarlet Vas, & internet personality Salim Sirur.

It comes as no surprise then that the inspiring frontrunner has shot to the helm of the hospitality industry and has played host to several screen icons during his night at Poppy, which he aptly calls, “Poppy Wednesdays.”

Shaheen hosting music artists Tayo Ricci & Bankroll Hayden at “Poppy Wednesday,” as well as renowned photographer Bryant Eslava.

 Renowned DJs Diplo & Zack Bia playing at HabibiCheeks’ night at Poppy, “Poppy Wednesdays.”

Quickly establishing himself as a household name in the hospitality industry in Los Angeles, the quick-witted entrepreneur would not have reached impressive heights had it not been for his success-enabling disposition and ability to envision an opportunity where many saw none. 

Sharing his experience, the brilliant visionary said, “I was attending a ton of underground parties when I first touched down in LA, other than the occasional Saddle Ranch & Berkshire House to meet people, there was tons of influencers that I would meet at those events that I would bring out to the clubs. It turned into hundreds & sometimes thousands of people on special private event occasions requesting to come. I kept building the roster of people I can bring to the clubs for over two years. I would stay in contact with everyone mainly on Instagram & went by the name @habibicheeks. Through this, I built a strong relationship with H.Wood group which allowed me access to their private events to build my connections in the scene & make their clubs even more lit.”

Years later, the power player is revolutionizing LA nightlife and continues to set the blueprint for others in the industry. In the coming year, HabibiCheeks plans to expand beyond the scope of his industry, serving as a mentor for those with dreams similar to his own. So when Shaheen hosts a party or a social event, buckle up because you are about to have the best time of your life. 

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