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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Serial Entrepreneur Alex Sabbag Debuts Soul Dive Yoga: Palm Desert’s Most Radiant Oasis for Mind, Body and Soulful Connection

Serial Entrepreneur Alex Sabbag Debuts Soul Dive Yoga: Palm Desert’s Most Radiant Oasis for Mind, Body and Soulful Connection
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The pursuit of holistic well-being has become more sought-after than ever, with wellness trends taking over the internet. This indicates a growing global consciousness towards nurturing physical health alongside mental and spiritual harmony. Among these wellness trends, one timelessly continues to reign in popularity: yoga. With its core emphasis on mindful movement and breath, yoga continues to dominate as a powerful and accessible practice for practitioners at all levels.

The Rise of Holistic Wellbeing

The challenges of navigating work, personal responsibilities, societal pressures, and, quite frankly—daily life—can often be overwhelming. In each case, the practice of yoga serves as a proven method for achieving lasting relaxation and tranquility. Beyond stress management, yoga urges practitioners to be conscientious of their own needs by encouraging an intentional mind-body connection.

As the yoga community grows with this resurgence, Alex Sabbag has positioned herself as the visionary at the forefront. Nestled in the heart of Palm Desert on El Paseo, surrounded by the magic of mountains and the healing heat of the desert sun, lies a beacon of tranquility—Soul Dive Yoga—the sanctuary Sabbag has cultivated for globetrotting and desert-dwelling yogis of all experience levels.

The studio, born out of Sabbag’s personal journey, stands as a haven where individuals can nourish their minds, bodies, and spirits. Soul Dive Yoga guides students toward profound connections, urging them to step out of their heads and into the depths of mind, body, and soulful alignment. More than a yoga studio, it is a space for authenticity, where the community is welcomed to come as they are, embracing simplicity and simply being present in the moment.

Sabbag’s Personal Journey

Leveraging her 20-year yoga journey, Sabbag founded Soul Dive Yoga with a clear mission to be a home away from home for the community, just as her former studio was for her back in Chicago. Like most, Sabbag’s practice began in the physical, laced with constant frustrations by the inability to twist her tall frame into pretzel-like shapes. But over time, yoga sank into her tissues, becoming the leading role in what used to be an ever-evolving rotation of exercise routines. During the summer of 2018, yoga’s higher power struck, shifting from a workout to a work-in, and something she now credits as her lifeline.  

Yoga became Sabbag’s ‘respite’ and ‘retreat’ during her time as a caregiver following her fiance’s terminal brain cancer diagnosis. A practice once attributed to maintaining a slender physique is now credited as a catalyst for healing and a path to reclaiming her purpose after a period of caregiving. The curiosity as to why and how yoga works and the intrigue to dive deeper into her own journey back to herself marks what Sabbag refers to as her own Soul Dive: a period of deep inquiry, self-discovery, healing, and re-emerging. Returning not only a refreshed and evolved outlook on her own human experience but a certification to step in and teach as a new voice in the yoga community.

One of the realizations during her own Soul Dive was how wildly unprepared we are for life. Good, bad, or indifferent, we lack the tools to process information, cope and respond. Coupled with the fact that on the heels of a pandemic, people are challenged with places to go, and the essence of community has completely fallen by the wayside. Confronted with this stark reality, Alex was inspired to create a space where people could come as they are to seek the same support and soulful nourishment that she received a few years back when she needed it the most. With some divine intervention and a great deal of faith, Sabbag made a decision that would transform her life and impact countless others. 

She took the leap, founding Soul Dive Yoga from scratch so the practice could be shared in a beautiful, safe, and empowering space—created for anyone who walks through the door to come as they are and simply be. In another (of many) divine moments, Sabbag acquired the keys to Soul Dive Yoga on September 14, 2022, the same day of her fiancé’s passing—a reminder of the interconnectedness of her journey and the establishment of the studio. The studio opened on October 1, 2022, and stands as a physical representation that sometimes you don’t have to go seeking to find your purpose; rather, your purpose will find you all at the right time. 

The Soul Dive Yoga Experience 

Soul Dive Yoga distinguishes itself by embodying a holistic approach to well-being. Rooted in the philosophy of Big Y Yoga, which encompasses yoga’s 8-limbed path, the studio recognizes that true well-being involves nurturing the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. The diverse offerings include traditional vinyasa classes, slow flow, gentle yoga, guided sound bath meditations, and workshops. These experiences provide students with opportunities to deepen their understanding of yoga, promoting growth and self-discovery.

Soul Dive Yoga also values growth through continuing education offerings, including sound bath practitioner training, breathwork certification, and more. The studio embodies a locale for healing, discovery, and spiritual awakening by providing custom private events in addition to the robust event calendar curated by a variety of voices and experiences from experts in and around the Coachella Valley and around the world. 

Sharing the Healing Power of Yoga

Sabbag’s journey is intricately woven into the fabric of Soul Dive Yoga, creating a palpable sense of mission that resonates through the studio. Founded on the belief that yoga can be a catalyst for healing, resilience, mental clarity, and spiritual growth, Soul Dive Yoga invites practitioners to embark on a journey out of their heads and into the deep for mind, body, and soulful connection—one breath at a time.

In creating this radiant oasis in Palm Desert, Alex Sabbag has not just opened a yoga studio; she has established a sanctuary where individuals can find peace, purpose, and presence in their daily lives. The interconnectedness of Sabbag’s journey and the studio’s inception on a day marked by both loss and renewal serves as a powerful reminder that purpose often finds us at the right time.

—For more information on Soul Dive Yoga, please visit souldiveyoga.com. You can also follow the studio on Instagram @souldiveyoga. For more on Alex Sabbag and her journey as an entrepreneur, writer, and creator, follow her on Instagram @alexsabbag 

Published by: Martin De Juan

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