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Sally Connolly Launches New Sensory Plush Toys for Children

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Innovative entrepreneur Sally Connolly has extensive experience in the children’s products industry, having successfully brought multiple projects from concept to development to placement in the marketplace. Her passion for sensory plush development led her to create her first product, NightBuddies®, an ultra-plush, cuddly friend designed to promote calmness and relaxation for children at bedtime. NightBuddies holds 2 utility patents!

What sets NightBuddies® apart from the rest is its innovative auto-off mechanism. This unique feature allows children to activate the night-light themselves, building self-esteem and independence at bedtime. But NightBuddies® isn’t just any ordinary night-light. The soft sensory light experience brings the character to life for children, creating comfort, companionship, and connection. This is especially important for children who may feel anxious or afraid at bedtime.

We all know how important sleep is for children, and NightBuddies is designed to make bedtime a calming and soothing experience. Sally Connolly believes in the benefits of good sleep including learning and memory, metabolism and weight, safety, and mood. Good sleep helps the brain commit new information to memory through a process called memory consolidation. Sleep deprivation may cause weight gain by affecting our bodies’ process. Good sleep keeps you alert all day, keeping you and your loved ones safe. Sleep loss can result in irritability and a negative mood.

NightBuddies® is the perfect solution for children who struggle with bedtime, and for parents who want to ensure their child gets the best possible sleep. The soft sensory light, combined with the auto-off mechanism, creates a comforting and safe environment for children to sleep in.

As a mother of two, Connolly recognized a missed opportunity in the marketplace and set out to create a solution for bedtime fears. She continues to innovate new soft sensory products for children that promote calmness, relaxation and helps ease at nighttime fears.

“I am thrilled to announce the launch of two new products, Huggie Heat Bear™ and Story-time Projection Plush™,” says Connolly. “Both products are child-activated and filled with love, designed to provide comfort and create a sense of security for children.”

Huggie Heat Bear™ is a plush bear that warms up with the press of a button, providing children with a warm and comforting companion to cuddle with. Story-time Projection Plush™ is a plush toy that projects soft and calming images onto the ceiling, creating a soothing bedtime routine for children.

“I am excited to share these new products with families and see the positive impact they will have on children’s bedtime routines,” Connolly adds. “My goal is to create products that provide a sense of security and comfort for children, helping them to relax and fall asleep peacefully.”

For more information about NightBuddies®, Huggie Heat Bear™ and Story-time Projection Plush™, please visit their website.

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