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6 Easy Ideas to Reduce the Strain on Your Home’s AC Unit

6 Easy Ideas to Reduce the Strain on Your Home's AC Unit
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An overworked air conditioner in your home will run up your utility bills, fail to maintain a comfortable temperature, and eventually break down, leading to costly repairs or replacements. You can address all these issues by doing what you can to reduce the strain on this important system. Here are six ways to do that.

1. Manage the Sunlight

The main reason your house gets hot in the summer is all that sunlight streaming in the windows. While you can’t eliminate it completely, you can do some things to reduce the amount that gets into your home. In the short term, keep blinds on windows and doors closed during the day, especially on the sunny side of your house. A good long-term strategy is to plant shade trees to minimize late-day sun.

2.Separate Rooms

Almost every home has a room or two that’s rarely used. It could be a guest room, a rarely used formal dining room, or any number of spaces. Whatever the case, there’s no need to add extra burden to your AC by forcing it to cool that vacant space. Close the doors, draw the blinds, and take that room out of the cooling equation to lighten the load.

3. Replace the Filters

Perhaps the most fundamental thing you can do to ease the strain on your AC unit is to change its filters according to manufacturer recommendations. Your system must pull air through the filter to cool the home, so if the filter is packed with dust that limits airflow, the system must work that much harder to meet the demands of your thermostat. Get quality filters and replace them on a regular schedule.

4. Service the Unit

Saying you should have your AC unit “serviced” is a bit vague. Many homeowners do not really know what’s involved in that process. Generally speaking, having your HVAC contractor service your unit involves a thorough inspection and cleaning of the system to make sure there are no looming problems and to clear away dust and debris that can impair its efficiency. Not only can regular service prevent breakdowns, but it can also reduce the workload on your unit.

5. Weatherproof Your Home

Another big problem for your AC is the hot air that seeps in around leaky windows and doors. If you take some time to adjust door sweeps, replace worn thresholds, apply caulk to cracks, and otherwise button up your home, your AC unit won’t have as much summer heat to fight and will pay you back with better performance and longer life. This tip will save you money in the winter, too!

6. Install Programmable Thermostats

Technology can be a big help to your air conditioner. A programmable thermostat allows you to get your temperature adjusted before the peak heat of the day when it’s easier to cool the home. Simply set your system to come on early in the morning at a temperature that will get the home a little cooler than your usual level, then close the blinds and lock that cool air inside while everyone is away.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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