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Phenium’s Innovative Technology Streamlines Food Safety for InterContinental Mark Hopkins San Francisco and Restaurant Chain Souvla

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Phenium, a pioneering business hailing from the vibrant Bay Area, is transforming the landscape of food safety management with its groundbreaking all-in-one solution. Powered by IoT sensors and collaborative mobile tools, Phenium enables seamless monitoring of food equipment, storage, and procedures, offering a comprehensive and remote food safety experience like never before.

Phenium has recently partnered with some key bay area businesses, including InterContinental Mark Hopkins Hotel San Francisco and up-and-coming Greek restaurant chain, Souvla. These collaborations highlight the trust and recognition that Phenium has earned within the Bay Area.

InterContinental Mark Hopkins, known for its high standards of excellence, relies on Phenium to maintain uncompromised safety solutions across its kitchens. General Manager Michael Pace enthusiastically attests to the system’s simplicity and effectiveness: “Phenium is really simple to use. We are benefitting from the instant positive effects of installing it. It saves us time, money, and lets our staff focus on other important aspects of running the kitchens.”

Joining the ranks of Phenium’s partners, the popular Greek dining chain, Souvla, has also embraced the innovative food safety company. By implementing the Phenium system across all five restaurant locations, Souvla aims to ensure seamless operations and preempt potential challenges. Ross Wunderlich, Food Operations Manager at Souvla, explains, “We need to make sure all of our systems and processes are in place and working effectively and with Phenium, I can see a problem before it happens so I can get in front of it.”

Founded in the Bay Area by Sari Stenfors, a Finnish entrepreneur, Phenium brings together a team with extensive experience in food safety. Leveraging her tech knowledge and expertise, Stenfors developed Phenium to address the industry’s pressing needs. Over the years, she has nurtured the company’s growth, expanding its operations to include teams in Finland and London, thereby broadening the range of services that Phenium offers.

Phenium is specifically tailored to meet the needs of large restaurant chains, hotels, casinos, and cruise liners. With a focus on connecting with the head of food operations and operation managers, the company ensures that the operational aspects of kitchens run smoothly and efficiently.

By choosing Phenium, industry leaders are embracing a solution that simplifies food safety, saves time and money, and empowers their staff to focus on other important areas of kitchen management.

Discover more about Phenium and its game-changing food safety solution by visiting www.phenium.com.

About Phenium

Phenium is a pioneering company based in the Bay Area, dedicated to providing an innovative and comprehensive food safety solution. By leveraging the power of IoT sensors and collaborative mobile tools, Phenium has transformed the way food equipment, storage, and procedures are monitored remotely. Their mission is to simplify people’s lives and ensure the highest standards of food safety across the industry. With their cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking approach, Phenium is leading the revolution in modernizing food safety practices and making a positive impact on businesses and consumers alike.


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