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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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One Man’s Journey Towards Acceptance: Jason Masters’ Memoir Sparks Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion

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Jason Masters is a remarkable man with an inspiring story. With a diverse background as a corporate director and business leader, Jason possesses vast expertise in technology, risk management, auditing, and governance and has made significant contributions across numerous industries and domains. His impressive repertoire includes serving on the boards of both private and public entities in finance, healthcare, non-profit, and consulting, in addition to chairing and being an independent member of Audit and Risk Committees for healthcare institutions, both public and non-profit, and local government bodies.

Jason is not only a successful businessman but also an accomplished author. His first book, “A Journey Towards Acceptance: An Evolving Memoir,” is a powerful personal account of his experiences as the firstborn child of a WWII veteran, his Christian faith, and his journey towards self-acceptance as a gay man.

At the tender age of fifteen, the physician in charge of his father’s care sounded an alarm bell, urging Jason and his mother to step off the eggshells and prioritize their well-being. Though Jason had sensed some divergence in his sexual orientation, he was oblivious to the gravity of the situation and was forced to suppress his true self by his father. The memoir delves into his journey with Christianity and his two-decade-long marriage to a woman before initiating the excruciating coming-out conversation with his children and ex-wife.

Jason’s book has catapulted him into the limelight, transforming him into an “accidental activist” and a trailblazing champion for the LGBTIQA+ community. Armed with his eloquence and mastery of the subject, Jason serves as a consultant, trainer, and speaker on matters of mental health and inclusion for LGBTIQA+ individuals and their allies. He is sought after for his insights into the complexities of the coming-out process and conflict management and provides support to employers on how best to create safe spaces for those in the throes of the coming-out journey. Additionally, Jason is at the forefront of the discourse surrounding the intersection between religious beliefs and LGBTIQA+ rights, offering his expertise to corporations, not-for-profit organizations, and the public sector.

Jason’s story serves as a beacon of hope to all who grapple with their sexual identity, especially those who hail from religious backgrounds. His book is not merely a personal account of his journey but a potent instrument for promoting awareness and advocating for the marginalized. Although the narrative of men marrying women and later coming out is not unheard of, few have had the courage to publicly document their experiences. It takes a profound level of vulnerability and candor, which is a rarity in most memoirs.

Jason’s book is critical to the ongoing global discourse surrounding LGBTIQA+ rights. It offers a stark reminder that the LGBTIQA+ community still wrestles with a multitude of challenges and that support from allies is pivotal to effecting positive change. In a bid to foster inclusivity and amplify the voices of minority groups, including people with disabilities, refugees, and the LGBTIQ+ community, Jason has spearheaded a publishing house, “Advocating for Humanity: Media and Publishing.” This initiative aims to encourage and empower these underrepresented groups to share their experiences through the power of storytelling.

In today’s world, where people from diverse backgrounds are too often overlooked, Jason’s book stands as a testament to the transformative power of storytelling and the importance of diversity and inclusion. It inspires not only the LGBTIQA+ community but all those who have suffered through adversity and discrimination. Jason’s personal journey towards self-acceptance is a poignant reminder that despite our differences, we are all human, and our unique qualities should be celebrated rather than shunned.

Jason Masters is a true champion of human rights, and his book is a must-read for anyone interested in the ongoing struggle for LGBTIQA+ rights.

Empowering Dreams: Young Black & N’ Business Founder, Roosevelt Williams III, Unveils a Path to Success for Early Entrepreneurs

Roosevelt Williams III, the visionary founder of Young Black & N’ Business (YBNB), is breaking barriers and providing a transformative platform for early entrepreneurs seeking to climb the ladder of success. YBNB, a beacon of hope in the business community, aims not only to guide individuals out of the physical constraints of their surroundings but also to break free from the mental shackles imposed by systematic marginalization.

Roosevelt Williams III, a dedicated family man and entrepreneur, established Young Black & N’ Business with a profound mission – to facilitate upward mobility for the business community. The organization is not limited by race or ethnicity, as YBNB believes that a diverse solution-based network brings unparalleled benefits to its members.

Young Black & N’ Business is not just a community; it’s a movement. The platform offers a quarterly manuscript packed with educational and instructional content from both early emerging and seasoned entrepreneurs. These insights are invaluable for those navigating the intricate landscape of entrepreneurship.

Visit JOINYBNB.COM to explore the wealth of resources, including digital magazines, virtual release parties, and a bi-weekly newsletter. YBNB connects entrepreneurs with opportunities to grow their professional networks and gain high-value exposure, ensuring they are not alone on their entrepreneurial journey.

One of the hallmarks of YBNB is its commitment to recognizing entrepreneurs on various platforms. The quarterly manuscript, coupled with events such as the annual BIZCON held at the San Diego Convention and the prestigious Awards Gala hosted at the Sycuan Casino Hotel & Resort, creates a stage where entrepreneurs can shine.

Save the date for BIZCON 2024 on Saturday, May 11th, 2024, at BIZCON2024.COM. This year’s theme revolves around Technology and Innovation, promising to catapult early emerging entrepreneurs from 0 to 100 in the dynamic realm of technology.

The YBNB motto, “YBNB Membership has its Benefits,” encapsulates the essence of what sets this community apart. YBNB is not just an organization; it’s a family of like-minded individuals driven by the passion to succeed. As a YBNB member, entrepreneurs gain access to a diverse network, referrals to access capital, and the opportunity to be recognized at major events.

YBNB is proud to be “RAWTHENTIC.” The platform delivers real and authentic testimonies from established and seasoned entrepreneurs, guiding early entrepreneurs through the intricate sequence of business. Access to level five leaders, stakeholders, and dignitaries from all walks of life is a testament to the depth of connections YBNB provides.

The success model implemented by Young Black & N’ Business is poised to reverberate across the nation. Roosevelt Williams III envisions YBNB purchasing commercial complexes with parking spaces, transforming them into maker spaces that early entrepreneurs can lease. This visionary approach aims to create a nurturing environment where dreams can flourish. In conclusion, Young Black & N’ Business is not just a community; it’s a force of change. 

 For more information, visit JOINYBNB.COM.

Emerging Leader in Biomedical Engineering Research, Esse Aigbokhan, Pioneers Groundbreaking Solutions in Healthcare

Esse Aigbokhan, a Nigerian native, exemplifies innovation and advancement in the ever-evolving field of biomedical engineering. Her journey began with a nomination for a national science award in 2016, acknowledging her academic brilliance and the design of an incubator with an in-built phototherapy unit. She then embarked on her professional career at GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals (GSK) in Nigeria, where she was part of the prestigious Future Leaders Program in 2017. Rapidly rising through the ranks, she held various positions including Associate Brand Manager and Brand and Customer Manager, earning numerous global employee recognition awards for her outstanding work. Her pivotal role in creating and implementing campaigns to aid children in Nigeria suffering from respiratory conditions like asthma underscores her dedication to enhancing healthcare accessibility. These initiatives contributed to the organization’s top ranking in the Access to Medicine Index during her tenure.

As a current Ph.D. candidate in Biomedical Engineering at the McKelvey School of Engineering, having obtained her Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering from the same institution, Esse stands at the forefront of pioneering microbial therapeutics research. Her trailblazing research is centered on the development of cutting-edge drug delivery systems, designed specifically for the management of cancer and phenylketonuria, a rare genetic disorder that impacts physical and emotional development.

At the heart of Esse’s thesis lies a crucial exploration into the challenges facing current therapeutic biologics: the issues arising from widespread immune activation and the occurrence of adverse events linked to systemic administration. By harnessing the unique properties of microbes, Esse aims to overcome these hurdles, with the goal of transforming drug delivery methods and potentially reducing the incidence of adverse events through enhanced therapeutic precision. Her thesis sheds light on the promising future of microbial therapeutics, providing a glimpse into its potential to revolutionize healthcare. The anticipated outcomes extend beyond more effective and efficient treatment delivery and include the potential for reduced costs and improved overall quality of care, particularly for complex and debilitating conditions like cancer and genetic disorders.

Esse Aigbokhan is more than just an experienced researcher; she’s a visionary co-founder spearheading an innovative startup that’s set to transform healthcare. At the cutting edge of technological advancement, her enterprise utilizes the capabilities of Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT) to create an AI tool with a specific aim – addressing a key challenge in diabetes management. Her startup tackles the urgent problem of underused Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) services, a CDC-endorsed initiative known to improve diabetes outcomes. Despite its demonstrated effectiveness, the uptake of DSMES has been slow, impeding progress towards achieving the objectives of the Healthy People 2030 initiative. Esse’s innovative venture surpasses traditional solutions as it leverages latest advances in technology to scale the impact of health and wellbeing professionals by offering vetted contextual meal and physical activity insights, and providing individualized guidance tailored to each person’s unique diabetes management needs.

As a part of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, Esse’s startup is poised to reshape the healthcare landscape not only in the United States but also on a global scale. This isn’t just a startup; it’s a catalyst for transformative change in healthcare technology, propelling us into a future where personalized and effective diabetes management is within the reach of everyone affected by the condition.

Beyond her academic and entrepreneurial pursuits, she is a dedicated contributor to the global healthcare community. She offers her expertise as a consultant for healthcare startups, advises on global health affairs, and mentors aspiring scientists in the fields of biomedical and biotechnology. Her multifaceted contributions underline her dedication to enhancing healthcare services and education.

Esse Aigbokhan’s journey is not only a reflection of her talent and commitment, but it also serves as a beacon of inspiration for budding scientists and engineers globally. Her accomplishments highlight the transformative impact that genius, innovative thought, and the relentless pursuit of excellence can bring to medicine and healthcare.

The Science Behind Plant-Based Diets: Insights from Stephan Gevorkian

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The movement towards plant-based diets has been gaining remarkable traction in recent years, championed by health professionals, environmentalists, and ethical advocates alike. Among these voices is Stephan Gevorkian, a renowned expert in holistic nutrition, who has extensively researched and advocated for the benefits of plant-based eating. His insights provide a nuanced understanding of why and how plant-based diets can contribute to better health and a more sustainable world. Gevorkian’s emphasis on the holistic benefits of such diets transcends mere nutritional aspects, delving into their impact on overall well-being and environmental health. His advocacy has helped demystify common misconceptions about plant-based eating, making it more accessible and appealing to the public.

Understanding Plant-Based Diets

A plant-based diet primarily consists of foods derived from plants, including vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, and fruits, with minimal or no animal products. Stephan Gevorkian emphasizes that a plant-based diet is not necessarily synonymous with being vegan or vegetarian. Instead, it focuses on increasing the proportion of plant-derived foods, acknowledging that even small shifts towards plant-based eating can have significant health benefits. Gevorkian’s inclusive approach helps people from different dietary backgrounds embrace plant-based eating at their own pace. He believes that understanding the flexibility of plant-based diets can encourage more people to try them, leading to greater health and environmental benefits.

Health Benefits of Plant-Based Eating

One of the most compelling aspects of plant-based diets, as outlined by Gevorkian, is their association with reduced risks of many chronic diseases. Research consistently shows that individuals who follow plant-based diets tend to have lower rates of heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Gevorkian attributes this to the high levels of nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants found in plant foods, which play a crucial role in maintaining health and preventing disease. Furthermore, he points out that these diets can lead to improved gut health due to their high fiber content, enhancing overall wellness. Stephan Gevorkian’s advocacy for these diets is further strengthened by emerging research linking plant-based eating with longer life expectancy and better quality of life.

Nutritional Considerations in Plant-Based Diets

While extolling the virtues of plant-based diets, Stephan Gevorkian is also keen to address the common concerns regarding potential nutritional deficiencies. He emphasizes that with careful planning, a plant-based diet can meet all the nutritional needs of individuals at all stages of life. Key nutrients to pay attention to include protein, iron, calcium, vitamin B12, and omega-3 fatty acids. Gevorkian stresses the importance of a well-balanced plant-based diet, cautioning against overly restrictive or unbalanced eating patterns. He also advocates for regular nutritional screening and consultation with health professionals to ensure dietary adequacy, especially for those new to plant-based eating.

The Environmental Perspective

Stephan Gevorkian is equally passionate about the environmental benefits of plant-based diets. He often discusses how shifting towards more plant-based eating can significantly reduce one’s carbon footprint. The production of plant foods generally requires fewer natural resources and results in lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to the production of animal products. Gevorkian underscores that embracing a plant-based diet is one of the most impactful personal choices one can make for environmental sustainability. He also emphasizes the role of plant-based diets in promoting biodiversity, as diverse crop cultivation is less damaging to wildlife habitats compared to mono-cropping and extensive grazing lands used in animal agriculture.

Overcoming Barriers to Plant-Based Eating

While advocating for plant-based diets, Gevorkian also acknowledges the challenges and barriers people may face in adopting these dietary patterns. These include taste preferences, cultural and social norms, lack of knowledge about plant-based cooking, and concerns about cost. He emphasizes the importance of education and accessibility in overcoming these barriers. Gevorkian often collaborates with chefs and nutritionists to create appealing and nutritious plant-based recipes, making it easier for people to incorporate these foods into their diets. He also works towards increasing awareness about the affordability of plant-based diets, highlighting that many staple plant foods are economically accessible to most people.


The advocacy and research of Stephan Gevorkian provide a compelling case for the adoption of plant-based diets. His balanced approach, emphasizing the health, environmental, and ethical implications, resonates with a wide audience. Through his work, Gevorkian not only sheds light on the benefits of plant-based eating but also provides practical guidance on how to adopt and sustain these dietary patterns. His insights make a valuable contribution to the growing body of evidence supporting plant-based diets as a key component of a healthy, sustainable, and ethical lifestyle. His message is clear: transitioning to a plant-based diet is a journey that offers myriad benefits, and each small step counts. Gevorkian continues to be a vital source of knowledge and inspiration in the ever-evolving conversation about holistic health and sustainable living.

Mastering the Gaming Industry: Insights from WePlay Ventures Experts at SABAH.HUB

In an exciting development for gaming enthusiasts and those interested in the esports industry, a notable event is set to take place at SABAH.HUB. As Mediamark Digital informs, Turkish gaming expert Burak Yılmaz will be hosting a session at the SABAH.HUB office.

Gaming, as a form of entertainment and competition, has witnessed an extraordinary rise in popularity over the years. It has evolved from a niche pastime into a global industry, drawing millions of players and viewers from around the world. The gaming ecosystem is multifaceted, encompassing video game development, professional esports, content creation, and much more.

The gaming industry’s growth trajectory has been nothing short of remarkable. It has transformed from being a subculture into a mainstream phenomenon, with esports tournaments packing stadiums and livestreamers amassing millions of viewers. In fact, the global esports market is projected to exceed $5 billion in revenue in the coming years, highlighting the industry’s immense potential.

At the heart of this event is Burak Yılmaz, who currently serves as the Managing Director at WePlay Ventures. WePlay Ventures is a Gaming Venture Capital firm with a presence in Europe, Central Asia, and Turkey. Their mission is to support pre-seed and seed-stage gaming studios, helping them unlock their full potential.

Burak Yılmaz is a prominent figure in the Turkish gaming industry, known for his contributions to its development and growth. With a deep understanding of the industry, he brings valuable insights to the table. His session promises to offer a glimpse into the inner workings of the gaming and esports sectors.

One of the key aspects that will likely be explored is the evolving nature of the gaming industry. Esports, in particular, has seen exponential growth, with professional players, teams, and leagues gaining recognition and legitimacy on a global scale. This session may shed light on the factors driving this growth and the opportunities it presents for aspiring gamers and industry professionals.

Additionally, the role of venture capital in the gaming industry is worth noting. WePlay Ventures’ involvement in the event highlights the importance of financial support and mentorship in helping gaming studios thrive. By providing not only capital but also guidance and industry connections, venture capital firms play a pivotal role in shaping the gaming landscape.

Furthermore, the concept of specialization within the gaming sector is a critical factor for success. Saltukhan Gülşen, Investment Management Lead at WePlay Ventures, is expected to share insights as well. In a diverse and multifaceted industry like gaming, finding a niche and excelling in it can be a pathway to success.

Specialization within the gaming industry comes in many forms. Some professionals focus on specific game genres, such as first-person shooters, real-time strategy games, or massively multiplayer online games. Others specialize in aspects like game design, storytelling, or competitive gaming. Finding a niche allows individuals to hone their skills and become experts in their chosen field, making them more valuable contributors to the industry.

The gaming industry is known for its innovation and rapid evolution. New technologies, platforms, and gaming genres are continually emerging. Understanding these trends and staying ahead of the curve is essential for anyone looking to make their mark in the industry.

The Event promises to be an informative event for those interested in the gaming and esports industry. While this article primarily serves as an informative piece, it highlights the significance of staying informed and connected in a dynamic industry that continues to shape entertainment and competition worldwide.

As the gaming industry continues to expand and diversify, it presents a wide array of opportunities for professionals from various backgrounds. Whether your passion lies in game development, competitive gaming, esports management, or any other gaming-related field, understanding the industry’s dynamics is crucial to achieving success.

The Fireside Chat session with Burak Yılmaz and Saltukhan Gülşen at SABAH.HUB is poised to offer a comprehensive overview of the gaming industry. It will not only provide attendees with valuable insights but also serve as an inspirational platform for those looking to embark on a rewarding journey in the world of gaming.

Phenium’s Innovative Technology Streamlines Food Safety for InterContinental Mark Hopkins San Francisco and Restaurant Chain Souvla

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Phenium, a pioneering business hailing from the vibrant Bay Area, is transforming the landscape of food safety management with its groundbreaking all-in-one solution. Powered by IoT sensors and collaborative mobile tools, Phenium enables seamless monitoring of food equipment, storage, and procedures, offering a comprehensive and remote food safety experience like never before.

Phenium has recently partnered with some key bay area businesses, including InterContinental Mark Hopkins Hotel San Francisco and up-and-coming Greek restaurant chain, Souvla. These collaborations highlight the trust and recognition that Phenium has earned within the Bay Area.

InterContinental Mark Hopkins, known for its high standards of excellence, relies on Phenium to maintain uncompromised safety solutions across its kitchens. General Manager Michael Pace enthusiastically attests to the system’s simplicity and effectiveness: “Phenium is really simple to use. We are benefitting from the instant positive effects of installing it. It saves us time, money, and lets our staff focus on other important aspects of running the kitchens.”

Joining the ranks of Phenium’s partners, the popular Greek dining chain, Souvla, has also embraced the innovative food safety company. By implementing the Phenium system across all five restaurant locations, Souvla aims to ensure seamless operations and preempt potential challenges. Ross Wunderlich, Food Operations Manager at Souvla, explains, “We need to make sure all of our systems and processes are in place and working effectively and with Phenium, I can see a problem before it happens so I can get in front of it.”

Founded in the Bay Area by Sari Stenfors, a Finnish entrepreneur, Phenium brings together a team with extensive experience in food safety. Leveraging her tech knowledge and expertise, Stenfors developed Phenium to address the industry’s pressing needs. Over the years, she has nurtured the company’s growth, expanding its operations to include teams in Finland and London, thereby broadening the range of services that Phenium offers.

Phenium is specifically tailored to meet the needs of large restaurant chains, hotels, casinos, and cruise liners. With a focus on connecting with the head of food operations and operation managers, the company ensures that the operational aspects of kitchens run smoothly and efficiently.

By choosing Phenium, industry leaders are embracing a solution that simplifies food safety, saves time and money, and empowers their staff to focus on other important areas of kitchen management.

Discover more about Phenium and its game-changing food safety solution by visiting www.phenium.com.

About Phenium

Phenium is a pioneering company based in the Bay Area, dedicated to providing an innovative and comprehensive food safety solution. By leveraging the power of IoT sensors and collaborative mobile tools, Phenium has transformed the way food equipment, storage, and procedures are monitored remotely. Their mission is to simplify people’s lives and ensure the highest standards of food safety across the industry. With their cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking approach, Phenium is leading the revolution in modernizing food safety practices and making a positive impact on businesses and consumers alike.


InnerScope Hearing Technologies (OTC: INND): Revolutionizing the Hearing Aid Market with Affordable Direct-to-Consumer / Over-the-Counter Models

Image Commercially Licensed From: Unsplash

Hearing loss is a widespread problem that affects millions of Americans. While hearing aids can help alleviate communication difficulties and associated health and well-being issues related to hearing loss, high costs have left many without the necessary assistance. However, InnerScope Hearing Technologies, stock symbol  (OTC: INND), is disrupting the traditional hearing aid market with its innovative Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) / Over-the-Counter (OTC) model, making hearing aids more affordable and accessible to all. 

The traditional hearing aid market has long been dominated by four major manufacturers, leading to high costs beyond the reach of many Americans. InnerScope’s DTC model seeks to eliminate these barriers by providing affordable, high-quality hearing aids straight to consumers. The company uses in-store point-of-sale Hearing Screening Kiosks, making its HearingAssist and iHEAR randed products accessible to consumers nationwide. Consumers can take a quick hearing screening test and purchase an over-the-counter hearing aid on the spot.iHEARdirect.com 

The CEO and founder of InnerScope, Matthew Moore, is committed to making quality hearing aids available to everyone. The company’s hearing aids start for as low as $499 for a complete set of FDA-registered OTC rechargeable hearing aids, significantly lower than the thousands of dollars consumers typically pay for a single hearing aid. This price includes professional remote programming and support services from one of InnerScope’s Doctors of Audiology or licensed hearing professionals, ensuring users receive the best care and support.

InnerScope’s OTC hearing aids and related products are also available online through FSAstore.com, HSAstore.com, and WellDeservedHealth.com, making it easy for consumers to enroll in flexible spending accounts and health savings performances and employer health incentive programs to access InnerScope’s products.

One of the most significant benefits of InnerScope’s DTC / OTC model is its ability to remove barriers often preventing people from accessing hearing aids. For example, the high cost and need to visit a doctor or specialist can deter many people. InnerScope’s over-the-counter model eliminates this requirement, allowing consumers to purchase FDA-registered OTC hearing aids directly from the comfort of their own homes.

Another advantage of InnerScope’s model is its ability to give consumers greater control over their hearing care. App-controlled hearing aids enable users to adjust their devices’ settings to suit their individual needs. A level of customization is not always possible without visiting a hearing professional with traditional hearing aids.

InnerScope’s hearing care methodology provides affordability and convenience while instilling a sense of consumer empowerment. By giving individuals greater authority over their hearing care, the company enables millions of Americans to seize control of their lives and enjoy an enhanced quality of life. As a result, InnerScope Hearing Technologies is revolutionizing the hearing aid market in the US, providing an affordable and accessible solution to help people overcome hearing loss.

InnerScope HearingSourced Photo

InnerScope’s full line of its HearingAssist and iHEAR branded Hearing Products is currently available through these multiple retail/wholesale distribution channels: Walmart Vision Centers, Walmart.com, Walmart Canada, CVS.com, Walgreens.com, RiteAid.com, Target.com, BestBuy.com, Amazon.com, AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal Health, Cardinal Health™ at-Home, Carewell.com, FSAStore.com, HSAStore.com, WellDeservedHealth.com, Fingerhut.com, Giant Eagle / Hy-Vee / Hartig Drug / Food City / Wakefern Food Corp. / ShopRite / SpartanNash / VG’s Grocery /  Family Fare  / Martin’s Super Markets  / Kholl’s Pharmacy & Homecare and Topco Associates representing 15,000+ store locations.

 For more information, visit their website at www.innd.com.

New IGSA Chairman Earle G. Hall Sees A.I. Research In the Gaming Industry’s Future

Earle Hall, President and CEO of AXES.ai, was recently named Chairman of the International Gaming Standards Association (IGSA).

Earle G. Hall has seen it all in the gambling industry. Having spent years walking casino floors, Hall has witnessed the highs and lows of gaming, from people having the time of their lives to those who let their retirement savings dwindle and struggled in the aftermath. The latter made him realize he wanted to be part of the solution to problem gambling, and he saw something compelling in the challenge of fixing the problem without sacrificing casino revenue in the process. Rather, he says, the right solutions can benefit the industry as a whole, as well as the individuals who inhabit it. 

As president and CEO of fintech company AXES.ai, an IoT-based cloud information management platform that licenses actionable data and applications, Hall has long wanted to work with a research university to fix some of the industry’s biggest issues. His product, which uses artificial intelligence in real time to assist gaming programs, could enhance players’ experiences, but only to a certain extent, and it couldn’t fix the problems of money laundering and gambling addiction. 

“Since the inception of the company, our dream was to find a university that was A.I. focused, gaming-focused, and really took to heart what we believed (in) – and what we believe (in) is the day there is no money laundering,” Hall told No Line Podcast. “The day that there’s no problem gamblers, the revenues in the casinos will go up. Why? Because they will be able to target [the clients] faster, better, and more precisely, the clients so that they play more, have more fun and have more enjoyment.” 

Hall realized that dream through the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ International Gaming Institute, donating $150,000 towards accelerating artificial intelligence research into responsible gaming. AXES will also provide UNLV access to the company’s 57 billion lines of data for quantitative testing and preemptively detect issues. Within a confidential setting, AXES removes every piece of data that could be of prejudice to customers. AXES hopes such data can help clients generate more revenue in a safer environment. 

AXES first got involved with the university via an invitation to attend UNLV’s annual Gaming Regulation International Policy Summit (GRIPS), a week-long immersion seminar focused on current gaming regulatory policy, methodology, & leadership. Hall was “blown away” by UNLV’s advanced research in problem gambling, quantitative data, and artificial intelligence. 

He recalls immediately telling UNLV’s research department how he could contribute to their work. “I have to thank [Interim Executive Director for the UNLV International Center for Gaming Regulation] Craig Ferreira and [Distinguished Fellow in Responsible Gaming] Alan Feldman and everybody else that showed up and said [what was needed]. It’s been ‘yes, yes, yes’ all the way,” he says. 

UNLV has worked with other companies like Sightline Payments and Global Payment Gaming Solutions to analyze the gaming industry’s transition towards cashless wager — a collaboration that Hall calls “groundbreaking.” He believes having data from both Sightline and AXES will be beneficial in not only tracking the money going in and out, but the speed of the money going in, if they’re changing the game, and 18 other metrics that AXES tracks quantitatively. 

“The part that [AXES] would like to contribute to is the quantitative behavioral analysis of the client while they’re playing the machine,” Hall shares. “Our dream is to eradicate addiction. What we plan to add is [to] look at how the players’ behavior is evolving.”

Hall says his company has received positive feedback from its shareholders and its community regarding its new partnership with the university. He hopes this will lead to more companies not only becoming involved in donations, but also providing data to UNLV’s International Gaming Institute, particularly its A.I. program. 

“AXES is not a person. It’s not a company. It’s a culture and a collectivity of human beings that really deeply cares. They’re just the most special people that I’ve ever worked with [in] my entire career.” 

“The research that UNLV is doing now is that pivotal moment,” says Hall. “And everybody that gets involved is going to have a place of pride for years to come. Knowing that we all gave that extra push to eradicate gambling, and to empower gaming.”

Hall plans to extend those goals to his term as IGSA chair as well. “When we eradicate problem gambling, we can get rid of the finite bad,” he says, “and we can focus on the infinite good.”