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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Nick Laureano Pushing People to Own Their Narratives and Embrace Their Authentic Selves Unapologetically

The world today is one that has forced many people to reduce themselves into less than what or who they are. It takes a strong sense of self-recognition for many people to recognize self-worth, and many people do not have that strong sense . For this reason, 26-year-old actor Nick Laureano is using his platform to foster a sense of self-worth in as many people as he can.

Nick Laureano is an actor and motivational influencer from Brockton, MA, who has spent a good part of his years motivating people to do better for themselves. His primary message is to motivate people to keep writing their script and not allow any doubt to stop them from pursuing the things they believe in.

As someone who has actively pursued his passion and the things he believes in, Nick Laureano believes strongly that it is the best way for anyone to live. “My journey in this life is to be the greatest version of myself while not getting too comfortable as I know life will try to test my ability and judgement. I want to assure others that they can pursue any endeavour they so desire if they just believe and manifest it,” he said.

The Brockton, MA-born actor did not find his purpose in one day. He spent many years enduring and living through sadness. As he put it, “Nobody cares, unfortunately. You just have to work harder and make the best out of your life. Will you now put in all that work and still not do the things you believe in or love? It’s all in your hands.” Coming from a background where he had little to no support, Nick Laureano did a lot of self-reflection and realization within himself to find his purpose, and once he discovered it, he has not looked back.

The desire to inspire spurred him to build his brand “Only the Motivated” through which he sends out motivational content on social media, especially Instagram. He also has merchandise that his audience can buy and wear to remind them of the power instilled in them. “All who come across my content understand that they are going to get pushed in the right direction and I will put hope in their eyes and hearts instead of fear,” he said.

In a few years, Nick Laureano sees his acting career taking off as he becomes a well-known name in the film industry. He also plans to expand his merchandise into a full-fledged clothing brand geared toward inspiring and motivating everyone who comes across the brand. With everything needed for a thriving brand in place, Nick will go into charity to help underprivileged children with food, shelter, and good education. 

“I simply love seeing others win and thrive. We all have to come together and inspire each other, some of us don’t know just how great we really are until someone tells us. I was motivated to improve on my life and still am to this day, I’m not comfortable nor will I be. I have a lot left to prove within myself and push others to be powerful beyond measure along the way,” he declared.Learn more about Nick Laureano on his official website or follow his Instagram page.

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