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Milk Tyson and Fighting All Monsters Giving Kids Fighting Cancer Support and Strength

Fighting cancer is one of the things humanity has been plagued with for decades. The deadly nature of cancer has necessitated this fight and made it one that individuals, brands, corporate bodies, organizations, and countries have risen up to combat. Milk Tyson is not left out of the struggle as an individual, and he has committed to do his bit through his non-profit Fighting All Monsters.

Fighting All Monsters was established around the end of 2018 as an initiative to help children fighting cancer. Since its establishment and strong backing from the founder, Milk Tyson, the non-profit has shaken things up in the charity world. In 2020, things went notches higher when iconic rapper Diddy got on board and took 12 children and families on The Ellen Show. The non-profit was planning a major grand opening when the COVID-19 pandemic sent the world into an abrupt shutdown.

With things opening up gradually, Fighting All Monsters is back up and running with plans to approach non-profit and charity differently.

“We’re looking at putting fancy events together for the subjects rather than the donors,” Milk Tyson said. “We flew 60 moms into Islamorada, Florida, from 30 states for free and housed them in six waterfront mansions provided by Keys Ocean Views. The mansions had private chefs, all-catered-for meals, fireworks, shows, 24-hour beach massages, pedicures, manicures, facials, waxing and all other forms of luxury treatments,” he revealed.

Describing the experience further, Tyson said, “We offered excursions such as paddle boarding, sightseeing on boats, snorkeling for the entire group, and shopping trips. This was 100% free to all the moms. The moms all have kids who have childhood cancer or other medically complex conditions and 11+ moms who have recently lost their child to cancer. We had a special lantern release night that we called letters to heaven where the moms who lost children wrote notes on Chinese lanterns and released them to heaven.”

Fighting All Monsters aims to declare war on childhood cancer and fight the war with the children living with it in various forms. Fighting All Monsters also does things differently and reaches many people through various free events and programs. The non-profit intends to make the journey easier for parents, and it’s what inspired the mothers’ retreat held in Islamorada. Tyson promises a fathers’ version is coming up soon.

Fighting All Monsters aims to cut the red tape as far as charity goes and hopes to give cancer fighters and survivors all the support they need to thrive on time. The non-profit’s slogan “Shut up and do something” also reiterates this swiftness. “Families in emergencies receive funds the same day, and it’s a standard we hope to continue to uphold,” Tyson said.

Fighting All Monsters is family-oriented, and all its activities are geared towards inspiring young people to help others as a cool and hip thing to do. Fighting All Monsters shoves pity away for the children fighters but instead extols them for their bravery, gives them a superhero complex, and helps them recognize how much of an important battle it is that they’re fighting.

Milk Tyson is doing the tough job of giving children living with cancer a fighting chance as opposed to the fear and sadness other people see in those children. He hopes to draw in support and more donors who just want to help without attending a black-tie fundraising event. Fighting All Monsters is all about taking action as quickly as possible, and it may yet be what the charity world needs.Learn more about Milk Tyson and Fighting All Monsters on the official website.

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