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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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MartelTurnkey Founder Eric Martel on How One Can Avoid the Pitfalls to Achieving Financial Freedom

The majority of individuals who have gone through extreme adversities end up devoting their time to helping others avoid the pitfalls that led them to the problematic situation. Real estate investor and entrepreneur Eric Martel is no different. 

The awe-inspiring individual is the mastermind behind the remarkable brand MartelTurnkey. He was always passionate about real estate, and one of his proudest achievements was purchasing his first apartment building when he was only 18 years old and a student at university. 

However, most people do not know that before the business owner reached the level of success he currently enjoys, he experienced several setbacks and challenges. His professional journey started after graduation. As an actuary, the young man was driven and motivated. But he quickly realized the sad reality about retirement, and he ended up rethinking his career decisions.

Eric Martel decided to shift to the tech industry, but his success was short-lived because of the dot com crash of 2001. In fact, he suffered a significant loss from the event. After that, he tried his hand in various ventures, including starting a gourmet sauce company.

Eventually, he came full circle and went back to his first love—real estate investing. Before long and with the help of his sons, MartelTurnkey was born. The impressive firm specializes in turnkey rental properties, effectively providing owners a passive cash flow. Just four years into its creation, the company has reached greater heights because of its incredible business model and the expertise of its founder. 

Aside from accomplishing outstanding feats as an expert entrepreneur, Eric Martel also spends his time educating others. The insightful man has found purpose in guiding others and has dedicated himself to helping people steer clear of his past mistakes. 

So to achieve this, he shares his wisdom through numerous channels. For example, he is the host of Break Away from the Rat Race, a web series on YouTube. In the program, he invites various guests where they talk about and discuss how one can “break free from the rat race and achieve financial freedom through real estate investing.” On top of that, he has a podcast of the same name, which is available on Apple Podcasts.

In addition, Eric Martel has authored the stellar how-to book Stop Trading Your Time for Money. It tackles crucial topics such as how someone from the middle class can achieve financial stability. Furthermore, it touches on early retirement and how to provide a legacy for future generations. Not only that, but he is also a contributor for Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Business.com. 

Despite going through seemingly insurmountable hurdles, Eric Martel was able to beat the odds and thrive. Inspired by his experiences, he plans to continue his advocacy and help as many people as possible. If he was able to achieve financial freedom and early retirement, others could do the same, too. 

To know more about Eric Martel, visit his official website and YouTube channel. He is also active on his social media accounts on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. You can also check out MartelTurnkey for more information. 

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