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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Maropost: How the Company Is Helping Entrepreneurs Worldwide Scale Their Businesses

Maropost is one of North America’s fastest-growing tech companies, offering a unified platform that empowers commerce merchants to manage their core tech stack and scale their business faster. Launched by CEO Ross Andrew Paquette, Maropost has become one of the fastest-growing tech companies whose software as Service Cloud technology enables its users to connect with their customers through online and retail dealings, marketing automations, payment management products, and so much more. Thousands of clients are currently using the platform’s powerful and user-friendly tools and integrations to draw, engage, and maintain customers.

Before establishing Maropost, Paquette spent quite some time working in sales. Still, over the years, he recognized several prevailing problems in the industry, including the fact that supplies didn’t meet the demands, resulting in most businesses not acquiring the solutions they needed, often settling for less, building complicated tech stacks, and spending way too much trying to make all settlements coexist. So when Paquette was faced with the opportunity to offer a better alternative, he immediately seized it.

With its evident growth, the platform is constantly adding fresh new ways to aid businesses to be able to operate more efficiently. One of the platform’s most noteworthy attributes is its automation, allowing these businesses to focus more on their advancement above anything else—a time-saving solution that permits ventures into utilizing the freed-up time that’s usually spent on monotonous and mundane tasks and eliminating the need for overly complicated integrations, as well as unnecessary third-party apps.

According to the company, the absence of automation makes day-to-day tasks inefficient, leading to burnout. Moreover, when that happens, revenues tend to suffer, especially when marketers are compelled to spend most of their days attempting to make diverse platforms work together.

“All around, I truly believe that automation is key. That’s why our unified ecommerce and marketing automation platform is so valuable and in-demand,” Paquette explains, adding that the company’s clients from various industries can save more, sell more, and scale their businesses faster using their unified platform, which combines ecommerce and marketing automations, allowing many of these businesses to obtain a comprehensive view of their own data and leverage the given information to engage, acquire, and sell to more customers entirely.

Maropost incorporates three crucial components: marketing, ecommerce, and service that will grant businesses the ability to convert, retain, and support their customers using only one platform. “Our robust ecosystem works together to empower our clients to automate their business end-to-end,” the company shares. “This way, they can become resilient to any changes and thrive in any environment.”

Maropost is currently working on several lucrative projects that involve adding a “Service Desk” component to their current offerings, making the platform a thoroughly distinct business-to-consumer one. They are also in the throes of streamlining new features that incorporate AIs for the platform’s product recommendations, suggestions, and the capacity to improve campaigns and ROI through machine learning.

Maropost, whose motto is “the future is forward,” is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with offices worldwide, including India, Australia, the USA, and Sweden, catering to customers like Hard Rock, Bikes Online, and New York Post.

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