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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Mariana Macias on Reshaping People’s Lives through Coaching

Photography by Claudio Carranza

Social media marketing seemed like a great career to Mariana Macias several years ago. She had a successful professional journey, and she was excellent at it. But there were days where she just felt exhausted and lost. Little did she know then that these were pain points that would propel her into a career that would become a life’s calling. That career was life and business coaching. 

What Mariana Macias can do is bridge two separate worlds into one. She still has a knack for everything digital, but she now uses her tech-savvy know-how and social media expertise to change people’s lives through coaching significantly. Mariana first came into life coaching as a client. She was coming out of a tragic accident that almost cost her her life. In those moments, she realized how fleeting life was and how she felt like she wasn’t on a path bringing her to her ultimate destiny. 

Seeking to make life changes that would bring greater fulfillment, she signed up for a coaching program. The experience would enlighten her so much that she realized that that was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life: bring people through the same journey she had just gone through. She started going through a coaching licensing certification endorsed by the International Coaching Federation, where she would thrive immensely. One of the youngest finishers of the program in history, she would complete her training at the top of her batch, finishing the most in terms of actual hours in coaching. 

Mariana has picked up many other specializations in meditation, mindfulness, and manifesting techniques, NLP, and sports coaching over the years. Her natural coaching acumen would land her multiple clients. Today, she averages more than 500+ coaching clients through one-on-one, group, and program coaching. She has been instrumental in transforming lives, creating clarity, and discovering more about themselves, leading to more significant work, life, and business success. 

Mariana has been known to work with various C-level executives, teaching them how to unlock strategies and resources to take their businesses to the next level. She finds joy in working with some of the largest corporations, global brands, and fastest-growing startups and small enterprises.

Mariana is also an author with one title under her belt. Her book I Gotta Story to Share is currently available on Amazon and continues to inspire and guide readers everywhere. Macias has various degrees under her belt, including a Master’s Degree from Hult International Business School and Harvard Extension Business School. She understands the nuances of both business and psychology and has a great understanding of ontology.

Amid the new normal, Mariana remains busy as she continues to train people online and face-to-face sessions with strict safety protocols. Mariana hopes to continue growing and scaling her practice, creating programs that will help people overcome limiting beliefs, wrong mindsets, and unhealthy patterns, which will lead to more remarkable life change.As a coach, Mariana commits to continue believing in the potential of every person she comes into contact with and vows to help them reach their maximum potential at work and in other life aspects. Learn more about Mariana Macias by visiting her website and following her on Instagram.

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