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Linda Washington on Writing About Healing and Self-Love

Love is one of the most beautiful experiences in a person’s life, but it is not always easy to find. For Linda Washington, finding love was further complicated by cancer. After experiencing a lot of negativity, Linda turned to music to help her heal. As an up-and-coming R&B artist, her songs of heartbreak and healing help audiences take the next step in their journey to self-love.

Linda Washington is a singer, songwriter, best-selling author, and cancer survivor. As she battled this cruel illness, she found comfort in music. She was writing songs that helped her process her experiences and emotions and helped her feel more at peace. “When you’re going through something so difficult, it is important you find something that brings you joy. And in my case, it was music. So I made it a part of my healing journey. My songs helped me fight back,” the artist said.

Her latest single, “Missing You,” is a bittersweet song about love. The song details an emotional journey about losing oneself and finding love again despite all odds. Linda Washington lends her strong vocals to the single, with Superstar Lamar supporting her with his smooth voice. The track features a soulful R&B vibe, its message touching the hearts of audiences and reassuring them that they will find love again.

The subject of love plays a significant role in Linda’s healing journey. With cancer changing her body, her confidence and self-esteem took a hit. And even after she had won against the disease, it continued to affect her life as she started dating again. “It was rough. I had to relearn how to love myself, and I had to be more consistent about self-love,” Linda Washington shared, “There have been so many men who have belittled me, or told me I’m not a real woman anymore. It hurt, but I knew these men were not worth my time. I had to be stronger and not let them taint my healing.”

This R&B artist also details her experience with cancer in her book Forbidden And Broken Finding Love Behind The Scars. The book recounts her emotional battle with breast cancer and some of the experiences she had as a survivor. Linda Washington said, “A lot of the time, we begin to define ourselves by our diagnosis. It can be hard to change our perspectives, especially when we have lived with that label for so long. But I wanted to encourage my readers to think of themselves as a person, not their disease.” Linda wanted to give her readers hope and remind them that there is more to life than their hardships. 

Love and healing are challenging enough without adding cancer to the mix. But Linda Washington is a strong woman who knows that love can bring the biggest healing in one’s life. As a singer and songwriter, she makes music for women who feel lost and unloved. She has been in their shoes, and her songs remind them that they are not alone and there are better things ahead. Linda’s book serves as another beacon of hope, showing that women can find immense strength even in the face of adversity. “Love and healing will come to your lives,” Linda said. “Don’t give up on them. And don’t give up on yourself.”

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