Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts Helps Children Realize Their Full Potential Through RBS Counseling and Educational Services

In this challenging day and age, children are prone to all sorts of struggles, some of which they cannot fully verbalize. Mental health counselor and kid’s life coach LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts understands the different struggles that children and their families face today. Through her business, RBS Counseling and Educational Services, she provides children with a helpful environment that allows them to deal with their struggles in an effective manner. Has successfully combined mental health services, educational services, and life coaching services into a unique program that is proven and tested. 

One of the unique characteristics of the program is utilizing children’s interests and strengths to enhance their experience in each session. LaDeidra designed hands-on and engaging activities that children are expected to complete in every session. These activities connect education and life-coaching. Interestingly, the program is effective in several modes of delivery, from face-to-face to group sessions, phone, and virtual websites. Whichever would be most comfortable for the children is quite fine with LaDeidra. 

For children who struggle with focus, anxiousness, stress, frustration, excitement, restlessness, and impatient behavior, LaDeidra provides RBS Fidget Boxes/ Bags. The toys are carefully selected to ensure that they assist the children with increasing their academic productivity and empower them to fight distractions as well. 

Born in Jersey City, New Jersey and raised in Estill, South Carolina, LaDeidra finished her college education at South Carolina State University in Orangeburg. She finished her Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling/Marriage and Family Cognate from Liberty University. She also pursued a Master of Science in Human Services/ Social & Community Services from Capella University. To further add value to the experiences of her clients, she worked diligently to become a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern for the state of Florida. 

LaDeidra’s greatest inspiration in pouring out all her energy into helping children stems from her late mother’s influence on her when it comes to connecting with them on a different level. Richardean B. Stokes left a very resounding legacy among her children, motivating them to build on its integrity and sincerity.

“I wanted to turn my passion, talents, and interest into a business venture to serve others. I decided to build my own brand when my mother passed away in February 2016. She enjoyed helping others in her community, so I wanted to continue her legacy of helping others,” she explained. “Some of the programs that are provided to give back to the community include back-to-school care events, mental health/wellness forums, reaching beyond self-workshops, educational workshops, and other activities,” she added.The unique journey that LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts chose with RBS Counseling and Educational Services is not just a story about providing relevant service that will empower children to become the best version of themselves, but it is also a story that she hopes will inspire others to pursue their passions. She is a living example that it is possible to transform one’s passion, talents, and interests into a viable business venture while impacting lives positively at the same time.

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