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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Kimberly Cloud Gives Fellow Go-Getters a Glimpse of Her Awe-Inspiring Life Through Life of a Cloud

Decades ago, people who had a guaranteed shot at finding success in any industry were almost always those born to privileges and connections. While these individuals, whose journey toward the top have been smoothed out by the resources and advantages handed to them on a silver platter, proved impressive because of the heights they’ve managed to reach, they also served to discourage go-getters with nothing on their backs but a clear-cut vision of the future they want to secure. However, recent years have seen the emergence of powerhouses hailing from humble beginnings. Kimberly Cloud, an acclaimed fempreneur at the helm of multiple ventures, is among today’s awe-inspiring figures standing as beacons of hope for self-starters. 

Originally from Washington, Kimberly Cloud is an African American entrepreneur and Army veteran. Succeeding where many have failed, the inspirational icon was able to build several companies from the group up despite the odds. In the process, she secured a coveted spot at the forefront of the commercial space and set an example for others to follow. Propelling one business toward the summit is a feat that countless could only wish for, but she took it a notch higher and exceeded expectations by establishing Blue Cloud Cleaning Company, Genuinely Michelle Wigs, LLC, and Wigs For Success, LLC as leaders in their respective fields.

Given her impressive portfolio, it could be easy to jump to the conclusion that everything she needed to translate her visions into reality aligned perfectly from the get-go. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. In her book, Life of a Cloud, Kimberly Cloud sheds light on the trials and tribulations that peppered her path. 

“My book talks about what affected and changed my life for the better,” shared Kimberly Cloud. It doesn’t only speak of how she dedicated her life trying to stay clean and do the right things but also gives readers a glimpse into the dynamics of her family and the harsh realities that she had to contend with while growing up in poverty. 

Life of a Cloud features the highly recognized fempreneur’s perspectives about life and dishes out much-needed insights that anyone can refer back to as they try to materialize their own dreams. Through this book, Kimberly Cloud also explores the role one’s environment has on the course of their future and details the steps she took to climb out of poverty. 

Since the release of Life of a Cloud, the widely acknowledged personality has shared the tricks of the trade to countless readers aiming to create a better life. In the face of this considerable achievement, Kimberly Cloud shows no sign of slowing down, though. In three years, she plans to release an autobiography that would not only give fellow dreamers an intimate look at the inspiring journey that led her toward the limelight but would also maneuver them in the direction of success.  

Learn more about Kimberly Michelle Cloud by visiting her LinkedIn page. More information about Life of Cloud can also be found on Instagram.

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