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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Kickconnection21 Founder Sheds Light on the Power of Grit and Passion

If there is anything that successful people would reveal as the secret behind their triumphs is the time and effort they invested in making them happen. True enough, determination and perseverance have allowed many goal-getters to achieve their goals and climb the summits of success. And as someone who believes in the power of passion, resilience, and hard work, Kyren Avellar, the esteemed founder of Kickconnection21, sheds light on how he was able to turn his little project into one of the most sought-after retail companies across the industry.

Having been able to transform his small passion project into an entrepreneurial powerhouse, Kyren Avellar would always attribute his successes in business to the unmatched passion he has for sneakers and streetwear clothing. Unlike others who manifested their passionate pursuits later in life, Kyren followed his dreams since he was about 11 years old. To him, sneakers became a massive part of Kyren that it became the energy that fueled him to pursue a path in business. Thus, Kickconnection21 came into existence.

Primarily situated in the historic streets of Boston, Massachusetts, Kickconnection21 is a company that offers authentic sneakers across the globe. It serves as an avenue where people can acquire footwear that is rare and difficult to find across the digital space. And on top of being a hot pot of exquisite and first-rate sneakers, the company boasts of colors that exude a wide range of fashionable streetwear clothing designed to attract fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

However, the company’s prowess is more than just a reliable source for superb clothes and shoes. Kickconnection21 especially takes pride in its impeccable appeal towards sneakerheads and fashion zealots. As a matter of fact, the company has become a household name all over the community that it has worked with some of the biggest companies across the shoe industry by providing them with bulk supplies of authentic sneakers. The business has countlessly collaborated with some famous names in the sports and entertainment space, including some athletes, artists, and celebrities, proving worthy of its respected figure.

The overarching achievements of Kickconnection21 would not have been possible without its founder’s unparalleled passion for shoes and streetwear clothing. For as long as he can remember, Kyren has always had a particular interest in sneakers. When he was about 11 years old, he began selling shoes to the people around his hometown and made a tremendous profit out of it. These small victories greatly encouraged him to pursue a career in a business that primarily sells sneakers. By the time he reached the age of 21, he had taken it upon himself to make his dreams happen. So, he started to venture into his commercial journey by opening a small business that re-sells shoes. 

As time went by, his small business grew into a trailblazing company, which is now known as Kickconnections21.

Taking pride in everything he has achieved, Kyren Avellar hopes to expand his reach to more people worldwide and inspire them to chase their dreams and achieve success. The triumphs of Kickconnection21 is proof of how far passion and determination can lead a person towards the peak of victory. 

To know more about Kickconnection21, you may visit its website or Instagram page.

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