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Keith Ross Nelson on His Lifetime Career in Comedy

The world can never have enough cool old dads doing stand-up comedy. In fact, that has become Keith Ross Nelson’s entire schtick as the veteran comedian rapidly pokes fun at his ever-increasing age as he performs in front of a live stage audience. Like fine wine, his humor seems to have aged quite nicely, and audiences from every part of the United States seem to agree.

Keith Ross Nelson always keeps it clean when it comes to his jokes. He was even acknowledged as one of the top-rated clean comedians in America. That’s a very impressive feat considering he’s been doing comedy for more than a quarter of a decade.

He has dedicated 30 years of his life to his craft, making people laugh and feel great as he tells his jokes in sheer Keith Ross Nelson fashion. There’s an undeniably unique charm to how he delivers his jokes and how he connects with audiences worldwide. He’s a smart, young, and hip old man, which has captivated audiences of all ages though unsurprisingly, his comedy seems to resonate most with young adults.

The cool hip dad persona isn’t all just for show. It’s Keith Ross Nelson’s genuine personality coming into full display. It’s his sheer confidence and talent that makes him so natural to listen to. His shows always feel intimate, like a good old conversation with an old friend.

His reputation definitely precedes him, as he has featured in a variety of television shows and films such as Comedy Time, Entertainment Tonight, A&E’s An Evening at the Improv, The R.M., Mormons and Mobsters, and Electives. Not to mention, the veteran comedian has also appeared alongside Hollywood celebrities like Steve Harvey, Tim Allen, Brain Regan, Ron White, The Greg Wilson, Rich Snyder, and Larry Miller.

His confidence stems from his comedic tenure, as he has also performed in various venues such as cruise ships, comedy clubs, and certain colleges. He has performed in iconic comedy clubs such as The Ice House, Ventura Comedy Club, Laughs Unlimited, Punchline, Comedy Underground, and Flappers Comedy Club, just to name a few.

In 2005, Keith Ross Nelson won the Portland Comedy Competition, a well-deserved award for the veteran comedian. He has also been prominently featured in famous publications such as the New York Weekly, LA Wire, Entertainment Monthly, the LA Times and Daily News. He’s had a terrific career in comedy over the years, and it’s looking to become even better as the years go by.

Nowadays, he has utilized the advent of technology to bring his comedy to an even wider audience. Through the internet and social media, Keith Ross Nelson has expanded his presence and is no longer limited to performing in front of live audiences. His social media accounts have seen a meteoric rise over the past few years. He has even garnered over 19,000 followers on his Instagram account.

When he’s not performing comedy, Keith Ross Nelson also excels at other fields such as athletics. He is a passionate high jumper who earned second place in the Masters High Jumping World Championship in 1998. He is also a three-time national champion for high jumping and has earned a third-degree black belt in kung fu.

He has achieved all of these things because he never let his age define him. Keith broke the record in track at 45 and recently earned his third-degree black belt in Kung Fu. Age is often just a number, and he is living proof of the truth behind that phrase.

Not for Nothing, which Keith wrote and co-stars in, is available to stream on Amazon Prime. For more information on the successful career of Keith Ross Nelson, make sure to check out his Instagram, @keithrossnelson.

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