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Keep Your Belongings Safe: Harley Edition

Spring is around the corner, and with Covid-19 travel restrictions nearing an end, people are anxious to hit the road, especially motorcycle enthusiasts.

For travelers, securing your belongings along with gun safety is more important than ever. Console Vault® is a leader in the In-Vehicle Safe industry, and they are also the only company that manufactures safes specifically for the Harley Davidson Bagger Bikes.

The Inspiration for the Console Vault Motorcycle Safe, Harley Edition

Scott Bonvissuto, president of Console Vault, is a Harley rider and believes that everyone should have confidence that the valuables they take with them will be secure, wherever their journey takes them.

“The Harley Edition is the first motorcycle application that we came out with,” explained Bonvissuto. “I own a Harley and am an enthusiast, so expanding our product application to motorcycles was a no-brainer for me.”

Console Vault’s Harley Edition motorcycle safe is the perfect add-on for bikers looking for a secure place to store valuables and firearms wherever the ride takes them.

Why you need a Console Vault Motorcycle Safe, Harley Edition

Bikers are hitting the road in record numbers. They want to take off on their bikes, ride for hours, stop where they want without having to lug all of their valuables to each destination.

“The Console Vault Motorcycle Safe was specifically designed for bikers looking to protect and secure their valuables and firearms within their saddlebags,” said Bonvissuto.

The saddlebag has always been where the biker can store important documents, valuables, tools, cell phones. There’s just one problem, thieves know this, too.

With Console Vault’s Harley Bagger Safe, bikers no longer have to worry about saddle bag thieves, as they are confident that their valuables are safe. 

The concealed carry gun owner traveling on their bike knows that some places will not permit firearms. Having a place to safely secure their firearm provides peace of mind on the road.

“Harley Davidson riders now have hidden storage, which is designed to hold their valuables like a wallet, cell phone, or handgun and know they will be there when they’re ready to ride.”

The Quality of Console Vault Motorcycle Safes, Harley Edition

Console Vault safes are built with heavy gauge steel with a choice of three unique locking mechanisms that prevent unauthorized access. They can be quickly and easily installed and fit perfectly in the bagger saddlebag without compromising the motorcycle’s profile, balance, or riding integrity. Console Vault’s Harley options currently fit years 2014 and newer Harley Davidson Bagger models.

“We started with the Harley,” said Bonvissuto. “But we are now looking into other applications such as RVs and other recreational vehicles.” 

For details visit Console Vault.

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