Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Jordan Boyd Reenvisions Life through the Power of Social Media

While many perceive being ordinary as lacking the voice to create a positive impact, Instagram influencer and aspiring basketball player Jordan Boyd proves that anyone can inspire millions worldwide. With his goal to motivate followers and reinvent the meaning of the word “influencer,” Jordan envisions becoming an online personality with a more profound purpose.

Born and raised in Batavia, Illinois, the 24-year-old rising Instagram star has won the hearts of over 50,000 followers on the platform. To echo his words, he is a “very self-motivated individual who is driven to excel in anything.” As an internet celebrity, Jordan Boyd aspires to be different from other influencers in the game. In an age where social media platforms have turned into highly saturated communities of content creators, Jordan aims to stay a cut above the rest by establishing a common interest with his followers.

Besides promoting reliable brands and products, Jordan wants to equip his followers with the necessary tools needed for life. He feels an immense responsibility to uplift his followers, as much as they have trusted him as an influencer. “I want every single person or company that comes to my page to feel motivated and excited to chase their dreams,” said Jordan. “My page promotes a successful mentality of life,” he added. 

Jordan Boyd has been promoting and modeling for multiple verified brands over the years. He has gained the trust of both his fans and clients with his work ethic and talent to engage audiences in the digital space. 

Additionally, Jordan is also motivated to build a career as a professional basketball player. He is a self-confessed avid fan of basketball shoes, an obsession springing from his passion for the sport. Currently, Jordan is working on improving his basketball development skills, on his way to chasing broader horizons as a professional athlete. The aspiring basketball player has traveled overseas twice, in El Salvador and the Dominican Republic, to play basketball, despite being homeschooled. 

What’s even more amazing is how Jordan Boyd landed an opportunity to win a high school three-point contest with his shooting ability at Missouri State. He also bagged the second place the following year at Liberty University. “I found a way through Instagram to play overseas basketball professionally without playing college basketball, which is practically unheard of,” shared Jordan. With his determination and passion, the basketball player made history as the homeschooled kid who took high school and semi-pro games by storm.

On top of that, Jordan Boyd had competed against the legendary Paul George in a three-point contest when he was only 18 years old. “Paul hit 13 and I hit 11,” said Jordan. He has also competed against the basketball superstar Klay Thompson on a virtual shooting workout through a mobile application called ShotTracker.

Jordan realized that life does not need to be a competition by playing basketball and social media. Instead, Jordan wants to see everyone around him win at life and achieve their dreams using both aspects of his life.

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