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Jim Fitzpatrick: Unveiling the Striking Story of a True Art Visionary and an All-Time-Survivor in Life

Jim Fitzpatrick is a multi-talented and skilled visionary who is most notable for being a true survivor in life. After overcoming various life-changing injuries from his roller skating career and firefighting missions, he found himself suffering from chronic pain, which made life even more challenging. Still, this man of courage managed to navigate his way to success in different fields, winning in the realm of arts, and helping other chronic pain sufferers overcome their situation and find their purpose in life once more. 

A multi-award-winning figure in the world of sports, arts, and profession, Jim Fitzpatrick serves as a real inspiration to many who have heard his remarkable life story. After high school, he served as the photographer for a professional wrestling promotion in San Francisco. This marked the beginning of his career as a self-taught photographer and artist. But before venturing into the world of arts, he pursued his lifelong passion of becoming a professional roller derby skater. By 1980, he competed in the World Champion San Francisco Bay Bombers and took the skate industry by storm in San Francisco, skating as far as Argentina and Japan. Unfortunately, his career in skating ended after suffering injuries. From this, Jim went into the field of public service. He served as a police clerk and technician, and eventually, he became a professional firefighter. 

Unfortunately, after a firefighting mission caused Jim Fitzpatrick to attain career ending injuries that brought him chronic pain, he needed physical therapy and other treatments and brought him chronic pain. Again, this tenacious man bounced back in life, undaunted by all the difficulties life has thrown at him. At this time, he explored his talent in drawing and arts as his way of relaxing and motivating himself to move forward in life. Fueled by his passion for helping others, he began reaching out to fellow chronic pain sufferers, encouraging them not to lose hope and helping them find their purpose despite their situation.

Eventually, Jim Fitzpatrick returned to his calling in the creative art scene. He believes that when one door closes in life, another one opens for a new beginning. For Jim, creating art and photography was the door that opened for him. He then went on to publish three photo books: “Roller Derby Classics…and More!,” “I Have a Chin! A Japanese Chin!” and “When I Shot Good and Bad Guys (Who Wrestled at the Cow Palace).” Over the last two decades, he has had several solo art exhibitions. His first was in 8th grade while attending St. Anne’s School in San Francisco. This was followed by a 2011 exhibit in the LC Gallery at the Westfield Mall where Senator Leland Yee appeared to view his portrait made by Jim. In 2012, he held another exhibition at ManCave Memorabilia in California, where he displayed some of his portraits of boxing legend Mike Tyson, who made a special appearance. Since then, Jim’s work has been displayed at the Rio Gallery Space in 2018 and in the Viviana Puello Art Gallery in 2019.

As an artist, Jim Fitzpatrick primarily focuses on creating realistic portrait drawings, often combining them digitally with photographs he has taken to create a more special and unique art scene. He mostly works with portraits, animals, and sporting events photography, specifically roller derby skating and professional wrestling.

For making a significant mark in various industries, Jim Fitzpatrick has received a number of awards from the community. For seven consecutive years since 2014, he has been selected by Art Tour International Magazine (ATIM) as one of the Top 60 Master Contemporary Art. In 2017, he was chosen as a Top 20 Fine Art Photographer. In 2019, he received a special Certificate of Recognition from Congresswoman Jackie Speier, commending his service as a firefighter, efforts in supporting people with chronic pain, and artistic achievements. Most recently, he was selected as one of ATIM’s Artists of the Decade and received an ARTYA Award in 2020.

Jim Fitzpatrick hopes to get across an important message through his work, and that is for others to never lose hope and optimism. Today, the seasoned artist continues to use his skills and talent in art and photography as a way to inspire others to rise back up again in life. 

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