Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Impactful Solutions Academy LLC Aims to Change the World through Motivational Interviewing

Capturing the interest of a broad audience and inspiring them to change is a monumental task that professional speaker Raymond Baxter Jr. has already mastered. Through his brainchild, Impactful Solutions Academy LLC, he educates and coaches domestic and international entrepreneurs to financial success. 

Being a world-renowned brand and marketing strategist, he has appeared on more than 200 media outlets such as FOX, NBC, and MarketWatch. His expertise comes from an extensive career in the financial sector of business management for over thirty years.

In his time as a strategist, he has seen numerous businesses encounter economic decline and significant failures. On the other hand, he has also contributed to the success of several IPOs and business startups. These combined experiences and knowledge has inspired him to create his podcast called Coach Ray Speaks, powered by The Impactful Solutions Academy streaming channel available on RokuTV and Amazon FireTV.

It discusses the hits and misses of business owners and teaches them ways to transform their success into profit. The show’s primary focus is to help small American businesses survive and thrive. Various guests such as social media influencers, actors, and entrepreneurs are invited to the program to share their tips and techniques to achieve immense success in both business and life. 

Earning the moniker “Coach Ray ” for his unique teaching style, he is often invited to speak at schools and client-facing organizations. He came up with a distinct and ingenious approach to avoid ambivalence and promote positive change using reflective listening in the workplace and the classroom.

What makes him stand out is his signature programs that use “Motivational Interviewing” techniques. There are four programs in total: Prevention-Based Leadership, Custom-Based Leadership, Composure-Based Leadership, and Deficiency-Based Leadership. Together, these programs sit at the core of Impactful Solutions Academy. 

Raymond Baxter is also a successful author and has published several of his works. His second book, 8 Secret Business Breakthroughs—How to Create Impactful Performance For Your Business, is a valuable source of information for business owners seeking to explore untapped resources within their current business model without having to spend a dime on marketing or advertising. He published the book as a way to provide helpful information that works quickly and helps with the finances, which he feels are highly needed in this time of crisis.

There is no doubt that Raymond Baxter is an expert in his field, and his refreshing and innovative ideas have been instrumental in providing significant changes both in the classroom and in business settings. 

Currently, the pioneer and visionary is writing a curriculum that will be placed in a workbook form. It will be used in professional training for adults and schools. In the foreseeable future, he even plans on sharing the movement and using it in various locations. He is also hopeful that it gets picked up by major corporations and uses the curriculum to train their customer service personnel across the country and the world.

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