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How this Serial Entrepreneur Reversed Aging

Aging, as we all know, is inevitable, but that’s no reason to stop any of us from trying to at least slow the process. Now, this might seem a little far-fetched, but once you learn more about ‘Reversing the Body Clock’, a unique and scientific concept introduced by Jean Fallacara, you’ll learn how very real and possible it is. But before we take a deep dive into it, let us learn more about Jean Fallacara and why he is regarded for his book Hijack your Body Clock. 

Fallacara is a serial entrepreneur and scientist from France. He is the creator of Neuroscience Calisthenics, the world’s first revolutionary concept, a human optimization program that offers training regimens based on neuroscience. With over two decades of experience as a scientist, developer, fitness enthusiast, and entrepreneur, Fallacara is on yet another quest to make the world a better place through his ideas. This time with the introduction of his book NEUROSCIENCE CALISTHENICS: Hijack your Body Clock. 

Hijack your Body Clock discusses neuroplasticity and how to develop our minds and improve our quality of life through exercise and biohacking. The most important biohack for improving learning is to make use of our emotional system, which in turn reverses our body clock. In his book, Fallacara explains how calisthenics requires a lot more than simply body exercises to generate excellent outcomes. It takes a lot of focus, concentration, and mental strength. The book also discusses the biomechanics of efficient movements to make any activity easier than before. It covers the various possibilities for improving key strength, power, and hypertrophy, as well as how to perform muscle endurance tests. All of the information in the book is based on methodical approaches, validated data, and self-experiments. 

Fallacara also included essential information on mind training in this book as well as his difficulties with ADHD and how he helped others deal with difficult events in their lives. With this novel approach, based on Biohacking and neuroscience, he hopes to inspire individuals to set goals and surpass their personal bests, giving them that extra push to take a risk and experience for themselves how technology, when combined with a habit, can produce amazing results. Fallacara’s vision and scientific insight are unquestionably leading the way to new prospects and revolutionizing the fitness sector.

NEUROSCIENCE CALISTHENICS: Hijack your Body Clock was released in 2020, and since then, has gained substantial recognition for its apt, well-researched, and true to god advice with instances. This book is not only an amalgamation of science and self-help tips, it is also an insightful document that sheds light on Fallacara’s journey as well and how it inspired him to introduce this concept. As a prime candidate for furthering the fitness industry, it can surely be said that whatever lays ahead, Fallacara will always be there, introducing newer concepts to make our lives healthier, and of course, longer!

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