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How Mcintosh Bros Production Went From a Childhood Dream to Winning Awards

Javier and Jabriel McIntosh are two brothers who created McIntosh Bros Productions, an award-winning full-service production company based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company specializes in brands, commercials, and event captures. It has been featured in 20th Century Fox Hollywood, Cannes Film Festival, and USA Today.

The brothers grew up with their father, Eric McIntosh, who always told them to find what they loved and to make a business doing that. Javier took his words to heart, dreaming of owning a business involving art. He eventually fell in love with the art of directing films. However, he took a different path when he entered college.

Javier entered Georgia State University and would graduate with a degree in Managerial Science. Once he finished his studies, he focused his efforts on video production. Within a year, Javier became Director of Photography for one of Atlanta’s most successful photo marketing boutiques and won Best Atlanta Indi Production Company in 2017.

Over the past decade, Javier produced for major brands like Spotify, Sprite, and Kia Motors, among others. Before creating McIntosh Bros, Javier was personally commissioned by Reebok, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Patti LaBelle, and toured with the Grammy Award Winning group Arrested Development.

Jabriel McIntosh followed his brother, majoring in marketing at Georgia State University. When he completed his studies, he became a member of the creative team at Kontrol Magazine, during which he would work with artists from the music industry. As he did, Jabriel would learn how to edit from his brother and, in no time, start winning film festivals and garnering awards for his editing skills. It didn’t take long before the brother joined forces to create McIntosh Bros Production. 

McIntosh Bros Production comprises a highly creative team of individuals who are all dedicated to capturing beautiful imagery with unparalleled attention to detail. They are a small group of directors, cinematographers, and editors. All of them possess knowledge of all things screen and camera to deliver a beautifully crafted concept and product to cherish for years to come. McIntosh Bros Production was given the distinguished honor at the world’s largest student film festival as one of the top five videography editors.

The company has had its works showcased at the Cannes Film Festival, Universal Studios Hollywood, and 20th Century Fox, to name a few. Their professional client list includes corporate giants like Coca-Cola, Reebok, PayPal, and Kia, allowing them to diversify the clients they work with and expand their vision & talent.

This year, Javier and Jabriel have become proud of Freeli TV, the world’s first free linear multi-channel streaming platform dedicated to Black entertainment and culture. Launched on July 14th, 2020, Freeli TV is available on all Android, iOS, and Fire TV devices. Freeli TV has a channel for everyone regardless of the interest, genre, or affinity. Viewers can enjoy over 50+ channels of entertaining content.

Amassing over ten years of experience, the McIntosh brothers have worked in many different areas of film, shooting thousands of car commercials and filming hundreds of weddings. They are currently focusing their efforts on music videos. They hope to be the top music video directors in Atlanta within the next couple of years and one of the top directors in the nation within five years. The McIntosh brothers are also hoping that Freeli TV grows to become a respected worldwide brand and partner with a bigger entity.

Company: McIntosh Bros Productions LLC

Email: Javier@McIntoshbros.com

Phone number: (678) 221-4314

Website: www.Mcintoshbros.com

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