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How Leading Provider of Masks and Filters ‘Mamask’ Adapts and Serves Communities

In times of crisis and threats of economic decline, companies that are highly capable of adapting and redirecting their purpose into what serves individuals and communities best will survive and thrive. The recent COVID-19 outbreak, devastating in its impact, demarcated adaptable ventures from those that are not, and The Beautiful People Co., LTD falls under the former category. 

The Beautiful People Co., LTD, the parent company of mask providing enterprise Mamask, is a South Korean institution. The seeds that would grow to become this industry mogul were planted twenty years ago when the father of Jee and Jae Kim—the power duo who founded Mamask—bought a manufacturing facility in Seoul. Having never run a factory before the purchase, it is incredible how, years down the road, people would be hard-pressed to find a brand in the men’s section in Korean department stores not carrying items that the factory has produced. 

Before COVID hit, The Beautiful People employed 200 personnel. Unfortunately, it had to cut down by 50%. However, with its commitment to inclusivity, it managed to evolve amidst the uncertainties of the current circumstances. Considering that over a third of its employees have disabilities, a future where the factory’s lights will be turned off will never be ideal. 

At the government’s request and in recognition of the demand for protective equipment, The Beautiful People pivoted to producing face masks, many of which were delivered to hard-hit neighborhoods and towns with limited resources. 

A couple of correspondences later between New York-based Jee Kim and her father, a new venture emerged. Jee Kim, a former brand manager for several Korean beauty brands, joined forces with her father and brother, Jae Kim, to launch Mamask. 

Today, Mamask takes credit for equipping customers in the States, Germany, and South Korea with masks. On a mission to offer high-quality products that can protect individuals and their loved ones, it also provides copper fabric filters, which are known to have powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial effects. Currently, it has been listed on The Strategist, and its products can be purchased as well on Walmart’s e-commerce platform. 

Made from woven cotton with bio-washed inner lining, the fabric masks are extra gentle to the skin. They are also adjustable as the ear bands can be made smaller or larger with the help of silicon stoppers. Additionally, due to their flexible nose tip, Mamask’s offerings are guaranteed to provide superior fit and secure placement. They also expanded their line-up with Mamask Sports, made with neoprene, a durable and elastic fabric for all-weather conditions. Their unique textile solution of combining  copper ion fiber with polyester for the inner lining is most outstanding.

In a short period, Mamask has risen to acclaim not only for the quality of its family-friendly masks that can be used by people of all ages but also for its adaptability and dedication to serving communities. Planning to arm thousands with the proper gear against contagious diseases, it has donated over 3,000 masks so far to nearby hospitals and schools since March. In the future, it aims to become a staple presence in the industry, all the while equipping individuals and their families with the right tools to protect themselves. 

Learn more about Mamask and its founders, Jee Kim and Jae Kim, by visiting its website

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