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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Gym2Gym Unveils the Future of Workouts: Private, Affordable, and Flexible

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A new way to do fitness has finally arrived, and you can finally work out in private for an affordable cost. Gym2Gym may be the first and only online marketplace for private gyms and wellness spaces. Think Airbnb for gyms. 

Gym2Gym is a platform and marketplace that enables people to have private fitness experiences. We will provide users with access to home gyms, privately owned facilities and other fitness spaces. Users pay for what they use, and owners profit from one-off transactions during downtime or new revenue streams.

It all began when our Founder, Bryan Klipsch, was listening to a conversation. “I wish I could rent my neighbor’s gym.” Gym2Gym was born from the idea that people want to work out alone and in comfortable places and that people with those spaces would love to make profits. 

For users, no more waiting for machines. They don’t have to worry about people watching them. They always feel comfortable. They can pick their own music and not worry about what they are wearing. Gym2Gym allows people to utilize private and at-home gyms. Users also have the ability to pay based on use, so they can pay as much or as little as they want through singular uses and memberships. Gym2Gym indexes independently owned fitness spaces and in-home spaces to allow users flexibility in choice and location.

For owners, they are able to monetize their home or property. Owners can turn their gym and health spaces into their own personal small businesses. Gym or health space owners earn more by renting out to new customers and providing memberships. They get to make money on their time, their way. They get to set the dates, the prices and the hours. They also have the ability to screen all users. 

For trainers, they finally get to own their books and training. Personal Trainers no longer have to search for space to work or train with their clients. They also get to control their hours and book spaces based on the time, type of space and frequency needed. Most importantly, they earn what they are worth. Gym2Gym lets them keep over 85% of all bookings. It also allows them to get new clients as they get to create their custom profile. 

Gym2Gym puts safety first. We screen all users, owners and trainers. We also allow people to leave reviews and comments, so there is accountability for everyone. Insurance is provided to owners, and the terms of service protect all three owners, users, and trainers. We have a 24-hour customer support team to make sure everyone has the experience they deserve using Gym2Gym. 

Gym2Gym Inc. was formed in 2023 and launched in November 2023 on the Apple App Store. 

Our founder, Bryan, put together an extraordinary founding team that is committed to our mission: finding new ways to enjoy and benefit from fitness spaces. The team has expanded, and we continue to scale. You can find more information at www.gym2gym.com and download it from the App Store by searching Gym2Gym Inc. or from the website. You can also get more information at www.gym2gym.us and by following us on Instagram @gym2gym_inc

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