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Erin Alejandrino Helps Men Grow out of Their Nice Guy Attitude Through the 90-Day High Value Man Coaching Program

The world has long been filled with several challenges that not everyone has the ability to endure. It can be in the form of tangible and intangible factors, such as losing one’s job, being unemployed, or even experiencing heartache. Often, such obstacles can manifest even in the most subtle things, such as fitting in and keeping up with societal demands. These difficulties may be manageable to some, but many people do not know the first thing about overcoming them. For this reason, Erin Alejandrino has made it his mission to lend a helping hand, particularly to men.

Oftentimes overlooked, men are subject to a certain stereotype that forces them to be strong and aloof – one that does not show emotion. Although this can be regarded as noble and admirable, it can take a toll on men’s psychological and social health. As a matter of fact, men disguise their emotional upheavals in the form of a passive-aggressive disposition, suppressing what is not supposed to be kept. Thus, Erin Alejandrino has made it his mission to help men navigate their way to wellness, vulnerability, and self-fulfillment by squeezing the nice guy syndrome out of them.

Inspired by the book No More Mr. Nice Guy written by Dr. Robert Glover, Erin Alejandrino created The High Value Man Coaching Program with the goal of lifting men up and helping them realize their full potential. Through this, he aims to eradicate the nice guy attitude and assist men in achieving growth and contentment and developing a sense of self-worth.

“It’s unacceptable,” explained Alejandrino. “We need to get men back to the basics, to remind them what being a man really means. Men should know their worth and not waste time trying to ‘figure out women’ or doing work they hate. These men need to tap into their own male power and the power of other men – brotherhood – to fuel their growth.” 

The High Value Man Coaching Program is a 90-day wellness program that essentially helps men realign themselves out of the passive-aggressive narrative. The program is dedicated to helping men identify their goals and core values while maneuvering them to the materialization of their dreams. It is also committed to building confidence, which many males have found difficult to achieve these days.

“I want to take men to greater heights while reminding them of their worth through the program,” explained Alejandrino.

Although The High Value Man Coaching Program already speaks volumes of brilliance and surefire success, it would not have become a triumphant endeavor had it not been for its creator, Erin Alejandrino. He had dealt with some struggles as a passive-aggressive man in the past and vowed never to return to that state. As a result, he holds a plethora of experience under his belt, ready to share with those who need it.

With ten years of experience coaching men from all walks of life, it is no surprise how Erin Alejandrino has become a leading force in the industry. In the years to come, he wishes to see more men build confidence and find the true passion and purpose of their lives through his program.


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