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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Empowering Local Businesses: Joe Hand Promotions Offers Exclusive Access to Live Sports

Fall is fast approaching which means live events, sports and concerts are coming up. Local businesses in California and across the US are preparing. For the hospitality industry, including bars, restaurants, and hotels, this is a prime chance to enhance foot traffic, drive sales, and build community.

Here is where Joe Hand Promotions comes in. Joe Hand Promotions is a leading content distributor specializing in live sports and entertainment events for out-of-home establishments. Their mission is simple yet powerful: to offer commercial businesses a cost-effective means of gaining exclusive rights to live sporting events. 

Over the years, Joe Hand Promotions has forged partnerships with industry giants like the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN+), Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), to empower local businesses to elevate their offerings, attract loyal customers, drive incremental sales, and engage with their communities in meaningful ways.

As fall approaches, one of the most exciting developments in Joe Hand Promotions’ lineup is their partnership with the UFC. This partnership promises local operators a fast return on investment by providing commercial pay-per-view (PPV) access to a series of highly anticipated UFC fights, including the much-awaited showdown featuring Jon Jones vs Stipe Miocic scheduled for November 11, and Leon Edwards vs Colby Covington taking place on December 16.

“Joe Hand Promotions is proud to give local businesses another tool to grow and drive increased traffic and revenue,” said Joe Hand Jr., President of Joe Hand Promotions. “The increased competition and expectations from guests within the hospitality sector require that businesses offer entertainment as part of the dining experience. Joe Hand Promotions is here to help fill that need for local businesses to set themselves apart from competition and create a fun atmosphere for fans to watch the sports they love.”

Streaming Matters for Local Businesses

As consumers remain choosier than ever on where they spend their dollars, being the business that has access to live sporting events could be the deciding factor between winning repeat customers over the establishment next door. 

UFC fans have long demonstrated their willingness to spend money on watching their favorite events, and the beauty of UFC is that it never truly has an “off-season.” 

The economics of UFC distributed through Joe Hand Promotions are enticing.  Operators can streamline the PPV and streaming process and gain exclusive commercial access to these events at a competitive rate.

Creating an Unbeatable Fight-Night Atmosphere

Beyond the financial benefits, bringing UFC access to local establishments can help drive consistent traffic and customer loyalty. 

UFC events are known for attracting fans who prefer to watch in large groups, creating an electrifying fight-night atmosphere. In turn, local establishments can become the go-to place to catch the next match up, fostering repeat customers and generating traffic and sales.

Additionally, when businesses subscribe with Joe Hand Promotions, they not only gain access to exclusive events but also enjoy discounts on all PPV events, early access to official event-marketing assets, permanent placement on both UFC and Joe Hand Promotions bar finders, and discounts on UFC merchandise.

Businesses looking to capitalize on live events this fall, especially with industry giants like the UFC, should strongly consider Joe Hand Promotions as a path to tap into thrilling sports action and an unbeatable fight-night atmosphere that can set them apart from the competition.

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