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Embracing Balance and Abundance: April Roberts, the Anti-Hustle Advocate

Embracing Balance and Abundance: April Roberts, the Anti-Hustle Advocate
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In a world where the hustle culture often reigns supreme, April Roberts stands out as a powerful advocate for a different way of achieving success. As a business consultant, certified high-performance coach, and spiritual healer, April has garnered a reputation for her stance against the hustle culture that permeates our lives. She firmly believes that by embracing both feminine and masculine energies, individuals can pave the path to abundant, purposeful lives.

April’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of her beliefs. Her experiences, from her days as a litigator to her time as an Italian housewife, have played a pivotal role in shaping her perspective. Now, as a coach and consultant, she is dedicated to mentoring Gen X female entrepreneurs, guiding them towards scaling their businesses and achieving more fulfilling lives.

At the core of April’s message is her unwavering opposition to the hustle culture that compels people to sacrifice their well-being in pursuit of success. She argues that women, in particular, have been influenced by this culture, adopting a more masculine approach to their careers, which often leads to burnout and dissatisfaction.

April encourages individuals to embrace both their feminine and masculine energies. By doing so, she believes they can unlock the keys to abundance and purpose. This approach, she argues, allows for a more balanced, holistic approach to life and work. It enables individuals to tap into their intuition, their most potent gift, and recognize their incredible capacity to create and thrive.

Throughout her career, April has accumulated a wealth of experience and accolades. Her time as a financial advisor, including her pivotal role in helping David Bach create the “Smart Women Retire Rich” national seminar, showcases her financial expertise. Her numerous top advisor awards underscore her dedication to securing her clients’ financial futures.

Beyond the realm of financial success, April imparts invaluable life lessons. She insists that fear is a mere illusion that can be overcome through action, leading to increased courage, confidence, and competence. She emphasizes the importance of tapping into intuition and harnessing the unique power of women as the most influential creators on Earth. April believes that we are designed to receive, rest, and thrive, and that strong communication and meaningful relationships are fundamental to our success.

As the founder of Vixen Gathering, April extends her mission to empower women to embrace their femininity and lead purposeful lives. Her Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (BHAG) is to host a Vixen lovefest at Madison Square Garden in 2030, with the company aiming to reach $100 million in revenue. In 2023, she plans to generate $5 million in revenue, expand the Vixen Mastermind, and broaden their audience through the podcast, “The Vixen Voice.”

April’s personal aspirations include working closely with a select group of 1:1 clients, guiding them to seven-figure success in their personal, professional, and spiritual lives.

In a world saturated with hustle culture, April Roberts is a compelling voice for balance and abundance. Her unwavering advocacy against hustle culture, coupled with her belief in embracing both feminine and masculine energies, provides an alternative path to success that doesn’t compromise well-being. April is more than an advocate; she is a trailblazer challenging the status quo and empowering individuals to lead lives that are abundant and purposeful.

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