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Drape Dead Elegance: Blending Tradition and Innovation

Drape Dead Elegance: Blending Tradition and Innovation
Photo Courtesy: Drape Dead Elegance / Natalie La Rose (@natalielarose)

By: Maria Williams

You might have seen her on the runway in the Bay Area, on the Red Carpet in Hollywood or in the pages of high-fashion magazines. Drape Dead Elegance is the new sensation for ethnic wear.

Smaranika Sarangi’s brand is conquering the eyes of high fashion. Passionate about her heritage, she brings a modern twist to several Indian specialties.

A Piece of Culture and Art

Although based in the San Francisco Bay area, Smaranika likes to draw inspiration from her roots to create her pieces. “I use traditional handwoven sustainable fabric from the eastern Indian state of Odisha,” she explains. 

First, the designer sources Ikat, a high-quality silk and cotton fabric created by the traditional dyeing technique, the local ancestral process called Bandha. “It is a technique in which warp and weft threads are tie-dyed to produce the pattern on the loom,” Smaranika further shares.

With a never-before-seen mix of Indian and Western fashion, Drape Dead Elegance has been drawing a lot of attention in the industry.

Drape Dead Elegance: Blending Tradition and Innovation

Photo Courtesy: Drape Dead Elegance

Making Traditional Fashion Mainstream

Drape Dead Elegance has been expanding domestically and internationally for the past few months. 

“My vision came to life when I started showing my collection on live runway shows at the Fashion Community Week, San Francisco and Silicon Valley Fashion Week. It was an incredible experience and a great opportunity to get the word out about the brand. I started getting my first custom outfit orders, and the stylist began to loan pieces for shoots,” Smaranika recalls.

Fast-forward to the autumn of last year. Several of her meticulously designed outfits were prominently featured in Grazia Magazine, showcasing Eastern-inspired fashion’s unique and elegant style during the 1970s. A few weeks after this remarkable achievement, Hollywood celebrities graced the red carpet, adorned in her exquisite pieces, again bringing her designs into the spotlight.

From Chris Han, a prominent Los Angeles-based content creator with a multi-million following, to Natalie La Rose, a singer nominated for the MTV Europe Music Awards, Drape Dead Elegance is now capturing the attention of an industry-focused audience.

Next Stop: Silicon Valley Fashion Week! 

Taking off with a buzzing season, Smaranika Sarangi is proud to announce that the next collection of Drape Dead Elegance will be showcased at the Silicon Valley Fashion Week this June 2nd at the Santa Clara Convention Center. 

With the theme “Fashion Meet Technology,” this new series of shows will be a fantastic opportunity to mix tradition and innovation. 

Tickets for this event and more information are available here.  


Drape Dead Elegance, founded by Smaranika Sarangi, makes waves in the fashion world by blending traditional Indian craftsmanship with modern designs. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sarangi uses traditional handwoven sustainable fabrics from Odisha, India, incorporating the intricate Ikat dyeing technique. Her brand has gained significant attention, featuring prominently in Grazia Magazine and on Hollywood red carpets. With endorsements from high-profile influencers like Chris Han and singer Natalie La Rose, Drape Dead Elegance is reaching a global audience. The brand will next showcase its innovative collection at Silicon Valley Fashion Week, themed “Fashion Meet Technology,” on June 2nd at the Santa Clara Convention Center.


Published By: Aize Perez


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