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DJ Nik Cutlass: From Modesto to the Bay, Shaping the Beat of the Night

DJ Nik Cutlass: From Modesto to the Bay, Shaping the Beat of the Night
Photo Courtesy: @Wav3_Visuals / DJ Nik Cutlass

MODESTO, CA – January 15, 2024 – Bay Area’s Open Format DJ and Producer, DJ Nik Cutlass, originally hailing from Modesto, California, is making waves in the music scene. With a career spanning four years, 2 years professionally in nightclubs, DJ Nik Cutlass first picked up djing as a hobby. As he continued to see success, he decided to bet on himself, grow his brand, & put his all into becoming a career dj. Which is he has evolved from spinning local house parties in Modesto, to becoming a resident DJ at multiple clubs in the San Jose and San Francisco nightlife scene.

The Beat Begins: A Journey into Music

DJ Nik Cutlass embarked on his music career in Modesto, DJing local house parties before securing a residency and co-creating the successful event “Fridaze,” which consistently sold out every Friday in Modesto. This early success laid the foundation for his venture into the Bay Area, where he has become a recognized name in the San Jose and San Francisco nightlife.

Goals in the Groove

Within the industry, DJ Nik Cutlass aspires to be known as one of the best DJs in the Bay Area nightlife scene. His vision extends globally, aiming to become a world-renowned traveling DJ, using music as a passport to explore different states and, eventually, the world.

Proud Moments and Overcoming Beats

The accomplishment that stands out the most for DJ Nik Cutlass is making a name for himself in the competitive Bay Area nightlife scene, breaking the confines of his hometown. He remembers first coming to the bay & going to spots like Valencia Room, Temple Nightclub, & the Grand, just as a patron, which he aspired to play at. Just two years later, he’s now played at & secured residencies not only those clubs, but over 20 different clubs & parties in the Bay Area nightlife industry. Overcoming the challenge of humbling himself and accepting opening slots, transitioning to headlining, this marked a significant hurdle in his journey.

The Sound of DJ Nik Cutlass

When listeners experience DJ Nik Cutlass’s music, he wants them to appreciate the precision and cleanliness in his mixes. Known for seamlessly transitioning between genres, he aims to create energy, maintain crowd control, and leave a lasting impression.

Upcoming Releases and Collaborations

Exciting news awaits fans as DJ Nik Cutlass announces “Cutlass Radio” coming in early April. While he has collaborated with several talented DJs, he expresses a desire to work with Dre Sinatra and Justin Credible, two figures he looks up to the most.

Day in the Life of the Beatmaker

A typical day in the life of DJ Nik Cutlass involves starting with a good meal, dedicating time to DJing and perfecting upcoming sets, enjoying leisure activities like gaming and binge-watching shows, and gearing up for the next gig.

Inspiration and Aspirations

DJ Nik Cutlass finds inspiration in figures like Dre Sinatra, Justin Credible, Dj Nitrane, and Shabazz. Their influence drives him to constantly refine his craft and contribute to the evolution of the music scene.

Booking Information and Social Media Links

For booking inquiries, DJ Nik Cutlass can be reached at djnikcutlass@gmail.com. Stay connected through his social media channels:

  • Instagram: @DJNikcutlass
  • Twitter: @Djnikcutlass
  • TikTok: @Djnikcutlass
  • SoundCloud: @Djnikcutlass
  • Mixcloud: @djnikcutlass
DJ Nik Cutlass: From Modesto to the Bay, Shaping the Beat of the Night

Photo Courtesy: @Wav3_Visuals / DJ Nik Cutlass

About DJ Nik Cutlass

DJ Nik Cutlass is an Open Format DJ and Producer based in Modesto, California. With a career spanning four years, he has evolved from local house parties to becoming a resident DJ in the vibrant nightlife scenes of San Jose and San Francisco. Known for his precision in mixing and seamless genre transitions, DJ Nik Cutlass is setting a new beat for the Bay Area.

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Published by: Khy Talara


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