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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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De’Andre Salter Taking Financial Education in the Black Community to a New Level

De’Andre Salter is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, author, certified financial expert, and coach. He is the mastermind behind “The Culture of Money” movement, which is a repertoire of resources, lessons, tips, and strategies for living a financially free life. De’Andre also has a book titled “The Culture of Money” in the works, which is currently available for pre-order.

De’Andre Salter is one of the most respected and celebrated black executives in the commercial insurance industry. Over the years, he has worked with three Fortune 100 insurance companies, which has positioned him as an authority figure in financial and insurance matters. His stellar career in finance has given him all the experience needed to steer the ship of a financial establishment. He established and runs the largest black-owned wholesale insurance brokerage in the United States.

De’Andre Salter’s core mission is to turn things around for the black community positively. He has seen the trend where people only earn income without thinking about creating wealth or passing down wealth to the upcoming generation. De’Andre, after working in insurance for years, decided to do something about it, and that motivated him to start The Culture of Money to provide all the valuable lessons and insights that people need to make their money work for them. He is a senior pastor at Impact Church, South Plainfield, NJ, while also known as a consecrated Bishop of Administration of the Macedonia International Bible Fellowship, an association of pastors representing ministries in Africa and the US.

With The Culture of Money, De’Andre Salter aims to help the black community turn its sight towards creating sustainable black wealth. He is focused on fixing the racial wealth gap. The Culture of Money is set to help black people know more, own more, and pass down more. De’Andre Salters plans to leverage the power of black churches, the black family, and the black community as a whole. It is the much-needed tool for measurable financial healing and freedom that can last through different generations.

“I care about people of color, which is why everyone between 18 and 70 makes up my target audience. Once the book begins to ship out, the readers will realize that they are getting something better than a regurgitation of the basic financial advice that does not factor in the black economic experience. The book is geared toward changing the way you think about your finances while helping you make lasting changes.”

The idea behind The Culture of Money is to change the negative financial behaviors that prevent people from building wealth. De’Andre Salter uses biblical wisdom, behavioral finance, and financial psychology to highlight financial problems. It lays out the framework that enables community wealth building using black churches and communities’ local influence.

After 19 years in the insurance industry, De’Andre understands the importance of building sustainable wealth and leaving something for the upcoming generation to live on. “I am leading this movement for those who want to shift the narrative in their family, community, and our culture toward a positive money culture. It is for individuals who desire to see their financial behaviors change so that collectively, Black people can live a more blessed life. It is also for Black churches and their leaders who desire the tools and resources to help their community get aligned around economic empowerment and Black wealth building

Learn more about De’Andre Salter and The Culture of Money philosophy on the official website.

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