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Careers in Tech are Booming: Mathleaks Prepares Students for the Increasingly Competitive Job Market

A quick search through LinkedIn’s job boards will highlight a growing trend – jobs in tech are booming, and the qualifications are rigorous.

While “tech centers” include places like Austin, Denver, and Seattle, Silicon Valley is synonymous with tech and has been for decades. However, growing concern continues to mount in regard to American students and their comprehensive understanding of mathematics. According to a recent study, post-graduate degrees in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mechanical) are more likely to be awarded to international students who outperform American students in mathematics and science. The solution to the booming tech job market is clear – American students need help or will be edged out of the competition.

Mathleaks, a Swedish-founded educational platform, was launched specifically to help students struggling with mathematics through high school. If your student is struggling with mathematics or just wants to gain some insight into furthering their comprehension of complex mathematical concepts, Mathleaks can help them learn more effectively. With courses and textbook solutions covering from Pre-Algebra through Calculus, students struggling with core mathematics are given access to resources that aid them in their high school classes and help prepare them for success after graduation. Whether that means entering the workforce directly or earning a degree in a STEM field, Mathleaks is focused on helping students prepare for life after high school.

For many students, a career in STEM is desirable due to high salaries and comprehensive benefits. Major tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have increased their recruitment for STEM graduates, while those associated with US Military contracting, such as Lockheed Martin, have turned to veterans who were trained in areas like cybersecurity and telecommunications. However, national test scores in mathematics are down, which means students in the US are struggling to attain those positions. That’s why Mathleaks uses curriculums that adhere to Common Core standards while offering more in-depth e-courses and resources for those students wanting to develop skills and advance their learning.

With Mathleaks, parents and students can track progress and set goals while defining weak spots in learning that may lead to trouble in more advanced math classes. These early intervention tools come with access to professors and experts in specific disciplines of mathematics. While most of the content is available on the platform for free, those who want more advanced and finely tuned resources can access all of the available resources for a nominal monthly fee. Mathleaks understands that some students cannot afford expensive help but want to learn, so they keep the fee low to help students from all demographics succeed.

Whether your student is struggling with math or looking ahead to a job in tech, it’s never too late to help them learn and grow. The tech job market is competitive, but with the help of Mathleaks, American students can feel confident that they’re learning skills to advance their education while preparing them for the workforce of tomorrow – a workforce that is almost certainly guaranteed to demand an even more comprehensive understanding of mathematics.

Available for both Android and IOS platforms, Mathleaks can be used on every device your student uses, which means they can study whenever and wherever they are, anytime.

You can learn more about Mathleaks’s services and available curriculum support on their website by clicking here or heading to Mathleaks.com.

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