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Bears Wrestling Sports Psychology Workshop: Wrestling Mindset with Dr. Brett Holeman

Dr. Brett Holeman
Photo Courtesy: Brett Holeman

On December 9, 2023 Bears Wrestling Sports Psychology Workshop, featuring Dr. Brett Holeman from Clark, New Jersey, took place, marking its annual occurrence. Held with the participation of athletes from East Brunswick High School, the workshop aimed to delve deep into the psychological facets of wrestling, emphasizing the critical role of mental fitness in achieving athletic excellence. Following the seminar, attendees engaged in scrimmages, applying the psychological techniques and insights they had acquired.

The Essence of Mental Toughness in Wrestling

Dr. Brett Holeman, a renowned sports psychologist, led the workshop, focusing on nurturing resilience, mental toughness, balance, and patience among young athletes. Wrestling, often perceived primarily as a physical sport, demands an equally robust mental fortitude. Dr. Holeman’s guidance illuminated the path for wrestlers to enhance their mental resilience, ensuring they are as mentally fit as they are physically.

Key Takeaways from the Workshop

The seminar was structured to address the multifaceted nature of sports psychology in wrestling, offering a comprehensive overview of how athletes can cultivate a winning mindset. Some of the key topics discussed included:

  • Building Resilience: Techniques to bounce back from defeats and setbacks, fostering a resilient mindset that champions perseverance.
  • Developing Mental Toughness: Strategies to strengthen mental resolve, enhancing the ability to face challenges head-on without yielding to pressure.
  • Maintaining Balance: The importance of finding a healthy equilibrium between training, competition, and personal life, ensuring that athletes remain grounded.
  • Cultivating Patience: Encouraging wrestlers to be patient with their progress and growth, understanding that mastery is a journey.
  • Regulating Emotional Responses: Techniques to avoid extreme highs and lows after matches, aiming for emotional stability regardless of outcomes.
  • Prioritizing Physical and Mental Health: Emphasizing the interconnectivity of physical fitness and mental well-being, promoting a holistic approach to athlete development.

Interactive Q&A Session

A significant portion of the workshop was dedicated to an interactive question-and-answer session, allowing students to engage directly with Dr. Holeman. This segment provided a platform for attendees to voice their concerns, share experiences, and seek personalized advice on overcoming psychological barriers in sports.

Positive Feedback and Future Outlook

The workshop received overwhelmingly positive reviews from both coaches and participants, underscoring the value of integrating sports psychology into wrestling training programs. As the second annual event of its kind, the Bears Wrestling Sports Psychology Workshop with Dr. Brett Holeman has established itself as a cornerstone event for aspiring wrestlers, offering invaluable insights into the psychological aspects of the sport.

The success of the workshop highlights the growing recognition of sports psychology’s role in enhancing athletic performance. By addressing both the physical and mental demands of wrestling, athletes can achieve a more comprehensive form of readiness, one that equips them to tackle the challenges of the sport with confidence and resilience.


The Bears Wrestling Sports Psychology Workshop, led by Dr. Brett Holeman, has once again proven to be an instrumental event in promoting the psychological well-being and performance of young wrestlers. Through a focus on mental toughness, resilience, balance, and emotional regulation, the workshop has laid the groundwork for athletes to approach their sport with a more holistic perspective. As wrestling continues to evolve, the integration of sports psychology into training regimes will undoubtedly become increasingly vital, preparing wrestlers not just for the physical battles on the mat but for the mental battles that accompany them. The positive feedback from this year’s event paves the way for future workshops, promising continued support for the mental and emotional development of young athletes in the sport of wrestling.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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