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Ambulatory Surgery Centers are Safer During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The spread of Coronavirus in hospital settings is causing many people to have second thoughts about scheduling the elective surgeries and medical treatments they truly need. Fortunately, at ambulatory surgery centers such as Blossom Bariatrics, we are able to offer a safer option. By maintaining small staff and focusing on a specific area of medicine, outpatient clinics can ensure a significantly lower risk of infection than larger hospitals. 

Ambulatory surgery centers screen every patient for Coronavirus 

Hospitals are doing what they can to stop the Coronavirus, but the disease continues to spread on their facilities. In a study by the National Center for Biotechnology (NCBI), research shows that Covid-19 is able to spread from the rooms of sick patients into a hospital’s corridors. During the study, the airborne virus was transferred directly through the hospital’s ventilation system.

Because ambulatory surgery centers screen every patient for Covid-19 before they enter, clients can schedule their appointments with confidence. The smaller, closed system at outpatient clinics amounts to a very low health risk.  

Outpatient clinics are in control of the entire patient process. This control allows us to offer more safety measures than can be provided in a larger hospital setting. For example, should our clients feel even slightly under the weather, we reschedule their appointments no questions asked. We’re dedicated to going above and beyond when it comes to keeping our clients safe, even though hospitals cannot provide such guarantees.

Ambulatory surgery centers screen staff for Covid-19

The patients in hospitals are treated by health workers caring for a variety of patients throughout the facility. A large percentage of this staff is exposed to the Coronavirus on a daily basis. 

On the other hand, the staff that cares for patients at an ambulatory surgery center works only with one group of patients. Outpatient clinics such as Blossom Bariatrics can maintain regular screening of each and every employee. This consistent and ongoing screening eliminates virtually all risks of exposure.

At Blossom Bariatrics, clients interact only with a small and vigorously screened staff. Private chauffeurs from our clinic meet clients at McCarran airport and shuttle them to their appointments. Blossom’s expert medical assistants and surgeons work exclusively with our bariatrics clients. As patients recover from surgery, our staff visits their hotel rooms to answer questions and provide extra care. This dedicated and private staff allows us to ensure high accountability and greater attention to detail.  

Ambulatory surgery centers aren’t rescheduling or postponing elective surgeries based on Covid-19

Testing and treating those infected with the Coronavirus has kept hospitals working at capacity for months. The strain has been compounded as health care workers, and their families succumb to the virus.

Limited resources have forced hospitals to make difficult decisions regarding which patients will receive care immediately and which patients will have to wait. Elective surgeries such as bariatric procedures are routinely delayed, postponed, or canceled in hospitals to ensure capacity for patients with Covid-19.

Cancelations and delays aren’t a problem for the clients of ambulatory surgery centers, though. At Blossom, we specialize in one thing, which means bariatric procedures remain our top priority.

Outpatient clinics like Blossom retain control over every surgery we schedule. Because of this, our clients won’t experience the frustration that accompanies cancelations or delays. 

Even though Blossom is the largest private bariatric surgery center in the US, we are committed to making each client feel like the only patient receiving care that day. This personalized attention starts the moment each client arrives at the airport. Our private staff delivers VIP treatment during the client’s entire visit.

Hospitals are offering the best care they can during the pandemic, but scheduling delays and the spread of Coronavirus are legitimate concerns for many patients. Blossom Bariatrics and other ambulatory surgery centers are providing a safe alternative. Private staff, small facilities, and meticulous screening enable outpatient clinics to go above and beyond during these uncertain times.

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