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What it Takes to Become an Entrepreneur at 17: Lach Black, Clearblow

What it Takes to Become an Entrepreneur at 17: Lach Black, Clearblow
Photo Credited to: Lach Black

At the young age of 17, Bay Area local Lach Black is redefining the boundaries of innovation and entrepreneurship by harnessing his passion and personal experience to create Clearblow, a revolutionary pocket spirometry device. 

Black’s journey with Clearblow began as a seemingly benign school assignment, where students were tasked with designing a product that could improve an existing problem. With his own personal experience of managing a chronic lung condition, Black found inspiration in the challenges he faced during traditional spirometry testing. It was during this assignment that the initial spark for Clearblow ignited. His ambition to enhance the lives of individuals living with chronic lung conditions led him to contemplate the idea of a more accessible, convenient, and empowering spirometry solution. This school project laid the foundation for what would eventually become Clearblow, a groundbreaking pocket spirometry device that transcends traditional boundaries and empowers individuals to take control of their lung health.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur while still in high school is a remarkable feat that demands a unique combination of qualities and determination. It requires unwavering passion and a deep commitment to one’s vision, as Black exemplifies with Clearblow. Entrepreneurs in their high school years often face the challenge of balancing their academic commitments with the demands of running a business. Time management, discipline, and resilience are essential attributes in this journey.

Moreover, successful young entrepreneurs typically seek mentorship and guidance from experienced individuals in their chosen industry, leveraging their insights and wisdom. Adaptability and a willingness to learn from both successes and setbacks are also crucial. As the story of Black and Clearblow illustrates, age is no barrier to innovation, and the determination to drive positive change can lead to transformative accomplishments, even during high school years.

What is Clearblow?

Clearblow’s pocket-sized spirometry device simplifies the testing process, making it remarkably user-friendly. Patients follow a straightforward procedure that involves taking a deep breath and exhaling forcefully into the device. Advanced sensors within the device capture the volume and flow of exhaled air, instantly converting this data into an acoustic signal for real-time analysis of lung function. The device is Bluetooth-enabled, seamlessly transmitting the collected spirometry data to a dedicated app on the patient’s smartphone or tablet. This feature ensures immediate access to results in a clear and understandable format, eliminating the need for paper-based records and minimizing the risk of data loss.

A defining feature of Clearblow’s pocket spirometry device is its integration with an intelligent algorithm. This innovative algorithm takes into account the patient’s spirometry data, historical test results, and parameters set by their healthcare provider. By leveraging this data, the algorithm offers patients predictive insights into their lung health, enabling them and their healthcare providers to take proactive steps in managing chronic lung conditions. Black emphasizes the device’s transformative convenience, stating, “A pocket spirometer redefines the landscape of lung health management by providing the convenience of real-time monitoring, enabling individuals to take charge of their respiratory well-being wherever they are.”


Black’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to innovation have garnered him recognition as a young leader in the healthcare technology sector. His journey reflects a commitment to personal growth and technological progress and serves as an inspiring example for young innovators globally. It underscores the importance of allowing personal experiences to shape a vision for a better future and demonstrates that, with determination, innovation, and a strong sense of purpose, individuals of any age can make a significant impact on the world, especially in the realm of healthcare.

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