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VizAeras Promotes Healthier Indoor Spaces Through Its Cause-Oriented Air Quality Initiative

Envisioning success with wealth or fame is quite daunting, especially when one does not have the means or lacks the right resources. However, visualizing triumph with milestones that one has created to make a difference is a more difficult road to take because of the countless obstacles and innumerable naysayers one has to face before gaining the ability to translate vision into action. 

While succeeding in both of these paths are remarkable on their own, the team behind VizAeras believes that possessing the capacity to drive change and transform lives is the most incredible thing that any personality or entity can do during these trying times. As the global health crisis continues to loom over the world’s shoulders, VizAeras steps up to address certain issues, particularly the problem of indoor pollution.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, people have been spending most of their time indoors to heed the safety protocols of various governmental institutions in order to help fight off the spread of the virus. While this dramatic shift has greatly helped in controlling the virus in some countries, the fact remains that indoor pollution has tremendously risen, affecting people’s health across the globe. For this reason, VizAeras aims to address this problem by introducing a state-of-the-art technology platform that not only monitors indoor air quality but also helps in improving indoor environmental quality (IEQ) conditions over the long term.

In an interview, VizAeras co-founder and CEO Carl Tautenhahn explained why there is a need to monitor indoor air quality conditions. “Nowadays, most people spend 90% of their time indoors. Indoor pollution has now become far worse than the outdoors, causing or aggravating about 50% of illnesses worldwide,” he shared. “As the average adult takes about 20,000 breaths per day, we have made it our mission to lessen their exposure to harmful chemicals and pollutants inside the buildings where they spend most of their time – and to live a better and healthier life,” he added.

On a mission to make a difference during these trying times, VizAeras uses a patent-pending platform technology that allows people to visualize and monitor building conditions, from carbon dioxide quantities to humidity, temperature, light, and sound measures, including levels of exposure to harmful chemicals and pollutants. On top of that, the air quality product that the company offers, called Indôr, also maps and tracks data in order to improve indoor conditions.

“Indôr’s unique approach to monitoring IEQ provides households and businesses the ability to not only monitor, track, and share access to building conditions with occupants but also respond to any potentially harmful chemicals and pollutants in real-time to keep loved ones, employees, students, and customers safe, productive, and healthy,” shared VizAeras co-founder and CEO Carl Tautenhahn.

The trailblazing company’s product is promising on its own, and VizAeras continues to make significant strides by launching a campaign on StartEngine to fund an indoor environmental quality monitoring product. Through this move, it hopes to bring awareness and access to healthy building conditions, promoting safer, healthier, and more productive spaces worldwide.

With no intentions of slowing down any time soon, VizAeras is expected to expand its horizons, slowly making the world a better place. In the months to come, it wishes to see healthier indoor conditions as we continue to battle the effects of COVID-19 domestically and abroad. While Google mapped “The Great Outdoors”, VizAeras intends to map and track IEQ conditions for “The Great Indoors” where we live, work, learn, heal, pray, and play.  

More information about VizAeras can be found on its website here. You can also watch this YouTube video to learn more about the indôr product and support the brand’s crowdfunding efforts at StartEngine.

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