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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Up-and-coming DJs and projects of San Francisco

Up-and-coming DJs and projects of San Francisco
Photo courtesy: Emily Kalashnikova

San Francisco is a city renowned for its vibrant arts scene and rich musical heritage, making it a haven for artists, musicians, and creatives of all kinds. This narrative isn’t just about moving to a big city; it’s about chasing dreams with relentless determination. It’s the story of Emily Kalashnikova’s, whose journey from Kazakhstan to New York, then to San Francisco encapsulates the essence of daring to dream big.

Emily embarked on her deejaying adventure in 2020. The decision to be in the music environment daily, is a testament to Emily’s belief in being the artist of one’s life. While such decisions might be challenging for those who prefer structured corporate environments to work at, Emily views them as opportunities rather than sacrifices—opportunities for growth and exploration that benefit not just the individual but their loved ones as well.

After having performed at the premier underground clubs of Brooklyn (Paragon, Bossa Nova Civic Club etc), San Francisco, greeted Emily without hesitation, by inviting to play at couple of private events on Divisadero streets, she then decided to extend her DJ tour as she landed multiple gigs in the first month after coming here from New York City. “I see endless possibilities anywhere, with music you can create so much and make a broader impact on the industry that will benefit people and the economy actually.”  The accessibility to everything—from events featuring renowned artists across various industries to historical clubs that had artists of the 20th century to begin their careers there, reinforced me to focus more on the historical aspects of venues where parties happen.  Her latest DJ sets happened at Turan Business Forum, fashion show after party events, some of the notorious clubs of San Francisco such as Club Waziema, F8 1192 Folsom etc. 

Before venturing into DJing—a career path sparked during the reflective period of the pandemic—Emily explored journalism and law while studying at university. However, music called out to her soul more fervently than any other profession could. It offered not just an escape but also an inexhaustible source of inspiration drawn from diverse rhythms and musical narratives from around the globe.

“What supports you when you decide to make drastic changes in life?” To this question, Emily responds with profound insight into her philosophy toward life: viewing the world as an unlimited stage ripe for exploration and creativity supports bold decisions and transformative journeys. She cherishes writing down ideas anywhere they strike—on phones or notepads—as these ideas are not confined solely within DJing but span across various facets of life itself.

I want to have an art center, where different artistic disciplines can coexist. This center will feature dedicated sections for different artistic pursuits, including a musical section, an art section, a DJ school, and an art school catering to both children and aspiring artists.

In the musical section, musicians of all levels can explore their craft, whether through practice rooms, performance spaces, or workshops led by seasoned professionals. The art section will provide a platform for visual artists to showcase their work, with galleries, studios, and exhibition spaces available for both established and emerging talents.

The DJ school will offer comprehensive training programs for aspiring DJs, providing access to state-of-the-art equipment and instruction from industry experts. Meanwhile, the art school for children and aspiring artists will nurture creativity and skill development through hands-on classes, workshops, and mentorship opportunities.

By bringing together individuals from different artistic backgrounds and skill levels, this art center aims to foster a dynamic and inclusive creative community. It will serve as a catalyst for artistic growth, collaboration, and cultural enrichment, enriching the cultural fabric of the community and inspiring future generations of artists. 

For those intrigued by Emily’s journey or seeking further inspiration from this dynamic DJ’s mixes and insights into living boldly, exploring music internationally listen to her dj mixes on SoundCloud and follow @kalashnikovaemily on Instagram. 

Emily’s tale is more than just about moving cities or changing careers; it’s about listening intently to one’s inner voice amidst noise and chaos—a voice that guides towards fulfillment against all odds. Her story serves as a beacon (notwithstanding its use here) for anyone standing at crossroads contemplating whether pursuing what truly makes them feel alive is worth every risk imaginable.

In essence, Emily exemplifies what it means to chase dreams with unwavering faith—in oneself and in what lies ahead—even if it leads thousands of miles away from home or straight into uncharted territories like those found within melodies waiting for their moment under America’s dazzling lights.


Published by Khy Talara

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