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Unearthing Anne Abel’s Captivating Universe in ‘Mattie, Milo, and Me’: A Revealing Author Discussion

Photo Credit: Unsplash.com
Photo Credit: Unsplash.com

By  Michael Beas – Atlas Elite Publishing

Renowned author Anne Abel explores the engrossing universe she has created in her most recent book, “Mattie, Milo, and Me,” in an exclusive conversation. Abel, who is renowned for her skill at crafting complex stories that connect with readers, takes readers on a literary adventure in her most recent work. Both readers and fans will obtain exclusive insights into the creative process that went into creating “Mattie, Milo, and Me” as she delves into the depths of her storytelling and the inspirations behind the characters. This interview reveals the mysteries, struggles, and victories that molded this gripping story, providing an intimate look into Anne Abel’s head and the enchantment that renders her tales so remarkable.

How did the act of writing this memoir contribute to your healing process and personal growth?

Anne Abel: Were there any specific authors or books that inspired or influenced your writing style for “Mattie, Milo, and Me”? The act of writing this memoir allowed me to reflect on the series of experiences that began with my attempting not to get a dog for many years and ended with my deciding that having dogs in my life was not just an element in my healing process, but also an important part of my life. The experiences went by quickly in real-time, so writing about them allowed me to slow down time and pause and see some of the nuances in each experience. There were no specific authors or books that influenced this book. 

How did you balance the storytelling aspects of your memoir with the need to explore deeper emotional themes, such as loss and resilience?  

Anne Abel: I balanced the storytelling aspect of this memoir with deeper emotional themes to the best of my writerly ability by telling coherent action-filled scenes and then separately diverting to explore the deeper emotional themes. 

In the process of writing, were there any moments that were particularly challenging or emotionally difficult for you to revisit? 

Anne Abel: I found it particularly challenging to describe or show my mother’s personality and her sometimes sadistic behavior. Throughout my life she was often cold and rejecting. One of her goals was to undermine my happiness. For example, the day we got Mattie, I was so happily surprised that I had fallen in love with her instantly. When we got home from the breeder, my mother called, and I told her about how happy and in love I was with Mattie. She paused and then said, “Josh will go to college, and the dog will die.” From that first night on, every time I got into bed and looked at Mattie nestled by my feet, I knew that our days together were numbered.  

What role do you believe pets play in our lives, especially in terms of healing and companionship? 

Anne Abel: Different pets play different roles. Even though a genetically engineered frog is not typically thought of as a healing companion, our frog JJ had a prominent spot on our kitchen table. Each morning, when I walked into the kitchen and turned on the light, I held my breath to see if JJ was still alive and would jump to the top of his tank. I placated my son Joseph with many caged and tanked creatures in order to put off getting a dog. Each of these creatures, including a gerbil and some newts, allowed me to share some meaningful experiences with my son, Joseph. When he got the newts from his science teacher at the end of the school year, he said, “I want to create a perfect world for these newts.” And, so, we went to PetCo together, where Joseph picked out many things that would make the newts happy. 

How did the process of writing this memoir impact your perspective on the power of love, both in the context of human relationships and the bond between humans and animals? 

Anne Abel: Writing this memoir consolidated my already existing belief that love and connection between humans and humans and animals is essential to a well-lived life. 

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