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Travis Chappell’s Guestio Provides a Solution to Those Podcast Guest Booking Problems

Technological innovation has paved the way for young professionals to start their careers early, giving them several new platforms that they can take advantage of. Travis Chappell is among those who succeeded in the podcast sector. As a content creator, he understood the struggle when you first get into the sector and the need in getting your name out there. A selfless character, Travis decided to build a solution for all called Guestio.

Travis Chappell is the founder and CEO of Guestio, a platform that streamlines the booking process for podcasts. It takes away the hassles and headaches so users no longer have to endure chain mails and tech stacks, allowing them to find, book, and communicate with top guests and show hosts. In addition, the platform provides people with easy access to browse their growing catalog through categories and tags, helping them find the podcast, YouTube channel, or other content platforms they’re looking for.

“Traditionally, that process is long and arduous depending on the level of guests being booked,” explained Travis, “Our job at Guestio is to make every part of that process easier. We built the marketplace to find great guests, a messaging system to communicate with them, a scheduler to seamlessly schedule the interview, and even give marketing and promotion opportunities.”

Guestio functions like Cameo, another platform that books celebrities and influencers when they are convinced that the host won’t waste their time. However, Guestio puts a price on their time to get the interview they want, freeing users from waiting for months or years and dispelling their fear of getting ignored or rejected.

Before developing his platform, Travis was scratching his own itch. The content creator had already published nearly 700 episodes on his podcast Build Your Network, but he realized that there was a problem with how guests were discovered and booked.

“I was able to book all the guests of my dreams, but it would sometimes take weeks, months, or even years to get a hold of the right person, make the right pitch, and then actually have the conversation on my podcast,” Travis revealed. “But those conversations did more for my brand than anything else because when you interview well-known people in your world, people start to associate you at that level. I looked for a way to make all of the process easier, but I couldn’t find a good solution on the market.”

Rather than finding the answer, Travis decided to make one, giving birth to Guestio and the region of San Francisco inspired him because of its reputation as the hub of the technology start-up world. Every significant influence that had reached Travis was born out of Silicon Valley, from books, podcasts, and training to individuals like Eric Reis, Reid Hoffman, Guy Kawasaki, and Kara Goldin, to name a few.

Passionate and driven to help other people boost their podcasts and channels, Travis is enthusiastic about the future of Guestio as he foresees his platform becoming the ultimate guest-booking marketplace. “It’s our goal to make inaccessible interviews accessible no matter how long you’ve been creating content or how many people tune into your channels.”With this goal in mind, Travis is currently working hard to raise their series A in the winter of this year. Learn more about Guestio and Travis’ platform by visiting their official website.

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