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Tra-V the Shoota Out with a New Track, “Heart for Granted,” and His Relentless Pursuit of Success

Music has always been a tool for expression both for music creators and listeners. The power it evokes is so profound that many people have made music their haven. Up-and-coming artist, Tra-V the Shoota discovered music very early and has immersed himself in the art to the point that a successful career is now within his reach. With his newest single, “Heart for Granted,” he hopes to hit the right spot with his growing audience and cement his name as one of the artists worth watching out for.

Born Travius Holloway, Tra-V the Shoota draws inspiration from big names in the music scene like 50 Cent, Tu Pac, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye and Bone Thugs & Harmony. He grew up enjoying music with his younger sister and has made it his chosen career upon growing up. His newest single was inspired by the numerous stories of one person’s love being taken for granted and surviving such an experience. The song talks about it and passes along a strong message of hope and strength. “I want people to listen to the song and stay positive regardless of how messy their situation might be. I want them to be strong and stop crying because it’s gonna be okay,” Tra-V the Shoota said. “I like to make my listeners feel like they can get through whatever they are going through at the time when they listen to my songs.”

Tra-V the Shoota’s dedication to music is strong, and it reflects in his work ethic as well as the goals he has set for himself to achieve. His versatile style and understanding of the music business have kept him miles ahead of his fellow upcoming artists, and with the strong sense of self-belief that he possesses, the confidence that success is on the horizon is evident in his aura.

His goal with his music is to gain thousands of followers over the next few months and get the chance to create music with a major production outfit. He is currently working on learning how to play the drums and perfecting his stagecraft with a live band, fully dedicated to achieving more and growing as an artist. 

With seven singles and one EP to his name, Tra-V the Shoota believes his journey has only just begun. He sees many years of huge success ahead, and he is pulling all the stops to make it happen. “I wanna grow a huge fan base. I wanna travel around the world to touch and meet the people that listen to my music. I want to meet the artists that inspired me to make music, such as 50cent, Post Malone, Avril Lavigne, Oliver Tree, Andre 300, Taylor Swift, and more. My goal is to also be a great businessman like Snoop Dogg. I plan to open up more businesses and buy property so by the time my kids are old enough to start their adult lives, they will be straight because their dad made it happen,” he explained.

He hopes his latest single, “Heart for Granted,” gives him a much stronger connection with his audience and communicates the core of his artistry with them. The video for the single is also on YouTube, amassing views from people who want to see the newest project that Tra-V the Shoota has put out. Tra-V the Shoota hopes to be a contact point of inspiration for young people as he continues to share his gifts with the world. “I want them to see me and be inspired by my story. I need everyone to know that dreams do come true. So, don’t give up, stay focused, and I hope one day you get everything that you deserve,” he said.

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