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Top-Paying Restaurant Jobs in San Francisco

If you’re passionate about cooking good food or any kind of hospitality job, working in the restaurant industry is probably your dream job. It’s no secret that San Francisco has some of the best diverse eateries in California, from fresh Chinese to gourmet Italian foods.

Landing a high-end restaurant job will require a great resume. Using a resume builder tool can help you construct your resume in just a few minutes. These tools have the added benefit of helping format your resume to snag the attention of any prospective employer at your dream restaurant.

Those who might want to dive deeper into the restaurant industry will also want to know what jobs within this industry pay the most. It can be expensive living in San Francisco, after all.

Let’s take a closer look into what top-paying restaurant jobs you can find in San Francisco.

Top-Paying Restaurant Jobs in San Francisco

Many of the top-paying restaurant jobs will go to executive chefs or head chefs and managers. This is to be expected since you need experience within the restaurant industry to prove that you know what you’re doing. Here are the top highest-paying restaurant jobs you can find in San Francisco:

Restaurant Manager – $45,068 – $96,296

Sous Chef – $39,768 – $91,399

Executive Chef – $66,104 – $128,894

Obviously, higher-end restaurants’ pay will be much higher than the average diner or fast-food place. Many of these places will require your resume to be equally top-notch to even be considered for a chef or managerial position there.

How to Craft a Great Restaurant Job Resume 

Crafting a perfect resume can be tough, but not impossible! If you’re aiming to become an executive chef of a great San Francisco restaurant (or want to open a restaurant of your own), then read on!


The skills section of your resume is key to highlighting what you are good at in the restaurant industry. A hiring manager should be able to get a glimpse into what you will be able to accomplish once you’re hired just from this list.

The skills section should be a brief list that goes over both your hard and soft skills. Hard skills are skills required to perform your everyday tasks, namely being familiar with specific kitchen equipment and cooking techniques. Soft skills relate more to your work style and personality, which can be helpful in working with other chefs or managing a restaurant overall.

Work Experience

In order to become an executive chef, sous chef, or restaurant manager, you need to build up work experience to prove that you can handle these higher-level positions. Working as a chef for other higher-end restaurants will look great on your resume, and you can take that opportunity to move up within the same restaurant.


Many restaurants will be more impressed with chefs that at least have a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts or a related hospitality major, so you will want to display that on your resume as well.

Why Apply for a Restaurant Job in San Francisco?

San Francisco is the number one city with the most local restaurants to try according to rent.com. The diverse number of cultures, food fusions, and other great food ideas all combine to make San Francisco a great place to find plenty of restaurant jobs.

The senior positions of Executive Chef or Restaurant Manager will require you to have some experience working within a restaurant setting. However, with around 4,415 restaurants and counting, San Francisco will definitely have plenty of job openings available for prospective chefs and other restaurant staff.

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