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The Worst Student in School Now Earns a Million Dollars a Month

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From his school days as a self-proclaimed ‘troublemaker’ to now helming a flourishing coaching business, Jon Penberthy’s story is one of vision, dedication, and innovation. 

“Every negative has a positive,” wrote author Ryan Holiday. “Push a negative hard enough and deep enough and it will break through to its counterside.” Marketing expert Jon Penberthy is testament to that. 

“Being a poor student was just the start of my troubles,” says Penberthy, who runs online marketing educator AdClients. “I wasn’t just bad at school, I was literally the worst pupil in the entire school. I wasn’t interested at all. I had no respect for authority, I had no desire to learn, I was angry and a troublemaker.”

It wasn’t until Penberthy started working that he realized what he had wasted. “The school told my parents that I couldn’t follow instructions, and eventually they wanted to expel me. Thankfully, my dad was a great negotiator and worked out an agreement where I could work at a sports center for one day a week. I really enjoyed it — it was hands-on, and I had the chance to really help people.”

He started to channel his frustration into motivation skills that eventually led him to creating a coaching empire that not only educates but also helps others achieve their goals. His transformative journey shows how personal challenges can fuel an unyielding drive for change, positively impacting others. 

Penberthy’s company AdClients recently hit a record revenue of close to a million dollars in one month. This level of success is beyond even Penberthy’s wildest dreams. “If you would have told me at 16 I was going to be successful in business I would have laughed in your face,” he says.

What transformed Penberthy’s life course was more than the prospect of getting rich. He wanted to help people. His compassion is key to his success. He understands people, communicates clearly, messages efficiently, and delivers results. He brings these strengths into the coaching industry, in which he genuinely cares for his clients and focuses on their victories. 

Penberthy believes in the balance of client results, lifestyle, and scalability, as exemplified by his ‘offer triangle’ concept. At the same time, a lifestyle that doesn’t overwork you and the ability to scale your business are crucial elements for success, he says. This balance is instrumental in the success story of AdClients.

As for Penberthy’s career highlights, speaking at a marketing conference in Miami in front of 4,000 people when the innovator was just 21 was an extraordinary moment. His business has been featured in Forbes, he’s won awards for his earnings, and most importantly, he has enabled 26 of his clients to earn at least a million dollars in their businesses.

With over ten years in the coaching industry, Penberthy’s success lies in his holistic approach. He focuses on a specific group: coaches, experts, consultants, and service providers selling high-ticket items. He equips them with a unique marketing system from start to finish that helps grow their businesses. In an industry filled with general advice, Penberthy’s targeted, precise strategies make all the difference.

Jon Penberthy’s inspiring journey in the coaching industry and his high-ticket coaching methodology are examples of what freedom, creativity, and client-focused strategies can achieve. His is a story of scaling businesses, not just for his AdClients empire, but for numerous others in the coaching space.

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