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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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“The Insurance Hour with Karl Susman” Expands Across California

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Informing, Educating, and Entertaining Audiences Statewide

In a move set to transform the landscape of insurance discussions, The Insurance Hour with Karl Susman, which made its debut on Santa Barbara’s KZST AM 1290 on October 16th, 2023, is now extending its reach across California. This weekly show, hosted by Karl Susman, an insurance agency owner and seasoned expert witness, is making its mark by expanding to two additional stations in early 2024: ABC News Radio affiliate KMET 1490AM in Redlands and iHeartMedia’s KSTE AM650 in Sacramento.

Navigating the Complex World of Insurance

For over three decades, Karl Susman has been at the forefront of the insurance industry. Recognizing the persistent confusion consumers face regarding insurance matters and the ever-evolving legal landscape, Susman decided to create a platform that delves deep into these issues. The Insurance Hour emerged as a comprehensive solution to meet the informational needs of consumers and radio listeners alike.

Susman shares, “Every time I’d guest on a call-in radio show, the phones would light up, and mine would ring off the hook after a TV appearance. Consumers are confused about insurance, and the laws and landscape are always changing. Brief segments on news and talk shows were not enough. I started The Insurance Hour to help listeners stay on top of the insurance issues that impact them and help them make the best choices for their coverage.”

A Statewide Journey

Expanding to new markets across California is a strategic move for The Insurance Hour. Each region brings its own unique set of insurance challenges, from concerns about fires to floods. Susman sees this expansion as an opportunity not only to inform and educate but also to entertain policyholders across the state.

The upcoming episodes promise an array of insightful guests. Congress Member John Garimendi, known for his role in demanding action to curb the chaos in the state’s insurance market, is scheduled to appear. Additionally, Hollywood actor, cowboy, and stunt performer Will Roberts will share his unique insurance experiences, providing a captivating angle to the discussions. Santa Barbara County Supervisor Das Williams will join the show to discuss the ongoing fire insurance needs in his district, four years after wildfires wreaked havoc.

Beyond Radio Waves

While The Insurance Hour makes waves on the airwaves, it is not confined to traditional radio. The show is readily available wherever podcasts are found, including Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Spotify, and YouTube, ensuring that audiences can access these valuable discussions at their convenience.

For those seeking more information about The Insurance Hour and its programming, Lara Starr, the contact person, can be reached at pr@insurancehour.com.


The expansion of The Insurance Hour across California marks a significant step in providing accessible and comprehensive insights into the complex world of insurance. With Karl Susman at the helm, this weekly show is poised to continue its mission of informing, educating, and entertaining audiences statewide, becoming an indispensable resource for those navigating the intricacies of insurance in an ever-changing landscape. As the show extends its reach, it brings with it the promise of expert perspectives, engaging discussions, and a heightened understanding of insurance matters for consumers across the diverse regions of California.

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