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The Inspiring Grit of Dr. Clarice Kavanaugh that Made Her One of the Top Trainers of this Generation

Performance coach, motivational speaker, professor, and sought-after trainer Dr. Clarice Kavanaugh has achieved so much in her line of work, both in the corporate world and in the university where she teaches. With more than 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, and organizational leadership, she is currently one of the most well-loved workshop facilitators in corporate America, teaching on various topics that empower organizations to achieve greatness. Her story, however, has not always been illustrious as she has had her fair share of adversities before becoming the successful career woman that she is today. But with grit and a lot of hustle, she found her place in the world and made a difference in the lives of countless people. 

The university professor and owner of The Kavanaugh Group, LLC, did not have an easy start, to say the least. She had to work her way through college and pushed herself to work two jobs just to survive. She barely received help and support from her family, but despite her uphill climb, she remained positive and resilient. As a result, she finished college and landed a job that would begin her phenomenal journey in the corporate world. 

When she was starting out, Dr. Clarice Kavanaugh was a single mother from the south side of Chicago and balancing her time between making a living and family was not an easy task. She knew back then that her difficulties were only temporary and that she would one day reap the fruits of her dedicated labor. Decades passed by with flying colors as she established herself as a respectable corporate leader with vast experience that became her edge in the industry. 

Her personal success is a story worth sharing, most especially to women across the country who are looking for tested and proven approaches to identifying their real purpose in life. Through The Kavanaugh Group, Dr. Clarice Kavanaugh offers one-on-one coaching, team-building workshops, and leadership development training. One of her topmost priorities is to bring out the best in people and help them build a pathway to success. The best-selling book author and podcast host of The Pain of Change is an expert facilitator on topics related to equity and inclusion, diversity, unconscious bias, professional coaching, and career coaching. She also trains people on conflict resolution, management, communication skills, and team building. 

Dr. Clarice Kavanaugh is strong at promoting and fostering individual and organizational effectiveness. She helps employees achieve this by offering a wide variety of innovative and diverse programs that are designed to elevate training participants, from ordinary employees to the executive leadership team and supervisors. To see them succeed and tap into their unlimited potential are some of the things that bring her fulfillment as a workshop facilitator, performance coach, and career coach. 

Her educational background is also one of several key factors that make her a favorite among corporate executives. She finished an MBA in International Globalization and Business Marketing and a doctorate degree in Business Psychology and Organizational Leadership. She is best known for her unique approach in training her clients, with emphasis on accountability and the numerous benefits of intellectual excitement – a strategy that invokes clarity of learning materials and interpersonal rapport. It is known to increase engagement, awareness, and motivation through communication. 

With Dr. Clarice Kavanaugh focusing her current energy on enriching the lives of people with her valuable insights and inspiring life story, more and more people are bound to live purposefully with her help. 

Find out more about Dr. Clarice Kavanaugh and The Kavanaugh Group by visiting this website. Connect with her on Linkedin for updates on her latest projects.

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