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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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THE CHRONICLES OF CHRONIC® led by Jason Pierce Revolutionizing the Sports Industry with High-Quality Sports Products

The sports industry is awash with tons of products from different brands, but only a few of those products uphold best practices in manufacturing and quality. For CHRONIC® Athletics, led by Jason Pierce, the brand is deeply rooted in the belief that it has to revolutionize the sports industry and take the entire sports experience to the next level.

CHRONIC® Athletics ensures its goals come to life using innovation, commitment, and excellence to create revolutionary designs. Jason Pierce’s passion is one thing that has continued to push the company towards success and the forefront of the sports industry. He’s a well-known name in the snow sports industry and his 30 years of professional experience in the sports industry lends credence to CHRONIC® Athletics’ supreme qualities as a company.

The company thrives on the numerous perks it offers its customers and works hard to stand out by upholding all those positives. Products from CHRONIC® Athletics are manufactured to deliver authenticity, ultimate luxury, and performance. “We eschew anything that has to do with cheap or substandard synthetic materials and slave labor style factories. We don’t use slave or child labor,” Jason explained. “We don’t make our shoes in China.” Instead, the company’s products are handcrafted in Italy by the finest shoemaking artisans on the planet to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. CHRONIC® Athletics has also reinvented ski technology by creating an innovative ski system that uses the power of Chronic Cambo CCT design as part of its commitment to creating high-performance products.

With a specific focus on outdoor athletics, CHRONIC® Athletics aspires to improve the lives of outdoor athletes by giving them the best products to enhance their performance and help them feel the highest level of comfort. CHRONIC® Athletics has also achieved notable feats in the sporting world, one of which is becoming the official ski supplier to the United States Army 10th MTN. It is also the only ski to have the prestigious honor of being officially designated as the Military Alpine Touring Ski. One of its leading products, Chronic® Rocky 105cct D-series, beat ten other top-name ski brands head to head in 10 different categories. 

In the next few years, Jason Pierce’s goal for CHRONIC® Athletics is to make it America’s leading brand with a global footprint. The brand also works hard to instill a healthy mindset in people and leave them with a positive feeling of hope to accomplish anything they set their heart to. Jason Pierce also launched Chronic Outreach to promote the power of wellness, recovery, and positive experiences. He believes that making a move to create life-changing experiences can inspire others. With Chronic Outreach, he hopes to impact lives and get other changemakers to commit themselves to impactful ventures.Learn more about CHRONIC® Athletics on the company’s official website.

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