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The Best Fly Swatter On The Market

Best Fly Swatter: The Flyswatter Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of flyswatters. With decades of experience, The Flyswatter Company has earned a reputation for creating the best-effective flyswatters in the industry. Our product designers have created various practical and helpful fly swatters to help you control the ever-increasing pest problem around your home and office.

The History of the Fly Swatter

The earliest fly swatters date back to the 1820s when swatters could be seen as a tool of vengeance. People used fly swatters to kill flies that had already bitten them. At this time, the first fly swatters were made of straw or palm leaves. The straw and palm leaves would be tied together, creating a long handle that could be used to kill flies.

Fly swatters were not used for pest control until the mid-twentieth century. In the 1900s, people began using fly swatters for pest control and other similar uses. Around this time, the first metal fly swatters came into existence, as well as plastic ones. Since then, fly swatters have been improved upon time and time again.

The modern swatter has exciting features that make it a very effective tool. The metal head of the swatter is one such feature that makes it so effective! The metal head of the swatter serves to trap and kill flies that are inside of it. Once the fly is entirely trap, the metal head will cause significant pain and discomfort to the pest trap inside.

The metal head of the swatter is also a very effective way to kill flies. The metal head of the swatter is design to inflict a lot of pain and discomfort on the pest trapped inside. It does this by causing significant amounts of pressure to be apply to the problem, which causes it to die naturally.

The swatter brand was initially establish in the 1950s by Walt Powell. Walt was a homeowner in North Carolina who find the pesky bugs a pain to deal with, so he decide to build his fly swatter. He began by modifying an old broom handle into a swatter. This design was patent in 1955 and use throughout the next thirty years in thousands of homes across America.

The Flyswatter Company has grown exponentially since its inception, with offices and manufacturing facilities throughout the U.S. Today, The Flyswatter Company manufactures several fly swatters for various pest control situations. Some of our most popular swatters are the Swatter Long Handle, the Fly Swatter Wasp Trap, and the Aluminum Handles. Many of our customers have come to rely on these products because they provide an effective way to control pests while avoiding using harmful chemicals.

About eight years ago, the Flyswatter Company began to notice an increase in customer requests for a store brand flyswatter. After careful deliberation, our product designers created the Swatter Store Brand to address this growing market. The Swatter Store Brand is a practical and durable fly swat that can be purchase at a much lower price than other leading brands. It has proven popular with our customers because it provides an affordable solution to many different pest control situations.


Beyond customer service and product design, The Flyswatter Company is committ to increasing public awareness about the need for anti-pest solutions. Several educational and informative materials are available to help spread the word about safe and effective pest control.

The Fly Swatter Store Brand is a premium swatter brand produce by The Swatter Company for over eight years. This fly swatter brand is make of durable, high-quality materials to provide long-lasting quality. This swatter effectively controls flies and other pests that enjoy annoying people around the home or office. It can effectively be use year after year.

The Fly Swatter Store Brand is available in various colours and sizes, allowing customers to quickly find a swatter that meets their specific needs. Since this swatter brand comes from The Fly Swatter Company, it features high-quality manufacturing and customer service to provide you with an exceptional customer experience.

Some of this fly swatter brand’s many satisfied customers are those who live in areas where flies and other annoying pests plague. Customers have found this fly swatter to be an excellent solution for pest control. The best part is that it’s a super simple solution!

We’ve also found customers who have used this fly swatter to help keep their homes clean. People who have used this fly swatter to clean their homes have reported that it’s a very effective tool. With the right fly swatter, you can eliminate the pests that bother you and keep your home looking nice and clean.

The Swatter Store Brand is an effective fly swatter that can be use to help control flies around the home and office. It’s lightweight, durable, effective and affordable. The Fly Swatter Store Brand is easy to use and works well in various situations.

Importance Of Fly Swatter

While they may seem like a simple invention, fly swatters were invent so that people could control the thousands of annoying flies that gather around our homes and offices. They also kill flies in a very effective manner. Fly swatters are essential to any household, as they allow customers to eliminate thousands of annoying flies that infest our homes and are pretty annoying at times.


They have been around for centuries and have been very effective in the past. Given that they are a relatively new invention, their history is quite short.

Some benefits people enjoy when they use fly swatters include their ability to kill flies without harming and trapping them. This makes the swatter a straightforward solution to many different situations. The trap and kill aspect of the fly swatter is also convenient when it comes to application.


Fly swatters are an essential tool in your home for many different reasons. They allow you to eliminate annoying flies that can infest your home or office and cause annoyance, as well as kill all of the flies that gather at your property. This means you no longer have to worry about dealing with the thousands of pesky flies around your property.

The Fly Swatter Store Brand is an effective fly swatter.

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