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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Taste the Bay: HUE App Launches, Redefining Personalized Culinary Adventures in San Francisco and the whole world!

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San Francisco, brace yourselves for a flavorful revolution as HUE, the innovative and personalized food recommendation social network app, makes its debut, setting out to solve for the diverse taste buds of the tech-savvy Gen Z and Millennials. In a city renowned for its diverse culinary scene, HUE promises to be more than just another Yelp or Google Reviews—it’s your personalized culinary guide.

Jean-Baptiste Dominguez, Co-founder & CEO of HUE, brings a personal touch to this endeavor, having grappled with the struggle of finding the perfect dining spot. “Existing apps lack the ability to recommend based on individual taste” notes Jean-Baptiste. “Attempts at friend-recommended apps fell short, because I love most of my friends for who they’re, not their taste.”

Previously Co-Founder of Clash App, a Los Angeles-based short-form video app boasting 6.5 million users post-launch and $9 million in funding, Jean-Baptiste, alongside Noriko Shindo, an ex-Amazonian with an MBA from INSEAD, tackled the challenge head-on, birthing the idea of HUE in September 2023.

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HUE isn’t merely an app; it’s a culinary companion. Utilizing a proprietary algorithm, HUE visually translates individual taste preferences into a unique HUE (a unique color), offering highly personalized recommendations that evolve over time, mirroring the dynamic tastes of San Francisco’s vibrant food culture.

Much like the diverse city it caters to, your HUE is a dynamic shade reflecting your evolving palate. It’s a visual representation of your dining preferences, celebrating the diversity of tastes found in the Bay Area.

Dive into restaurant recommendations tailored to your HUE, explore places your friends have celebrated, and engage with curated lists from members who share similar HUEs. In the world of HUE, closer HUEs mean closer taste preferences, a concept that resonates with the diversity-loving spirit of San Francisco.

Already, HUE is received with enthusiasm. A couple in real-life and creators on Instagram brycexavier and matthewjac0b expressed that they are super excited to use HUE to log and plan their date spots in LA. A prominent YouTube and IG creator meishmoe, welcomed the app’s, stating, “It’s about time we had a new Yelp”

San Francisco, get ready to elevate your culinary journey. HUE is now available for download on both the App Store and Google Play Stores. Bid farewell to generic recommendations and embrace a world where every bite is an exploration of your unique taste profile. Let HUE guide you through the flavors of San Francisco today!

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