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Sun King Rising’s Latest Release: “One More Story to Tell”

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Heralding from Sun King Rising, the solo endeavor of lauded singer-songwriter John Blangero, the latest single to hit the airwaves is the enchanting “One More Story to Tell.” As the most recent installment from the highly praised album Signs & Wonders, which was released on October 1st, 2022, this song touts an unshakeable narrative and melody.

“One More Story to Tell” weaves a riveting tale about a musician who employs his verbal and melodic abilities to beguile and enchant his listeners. Incorporating elements of southern rock, country, and soul, the track’s mix of musical aesthetics is unmistakably a Sun King Rising trademark.

A closer listen to the song reveals a rich narrative of a man leveraging his talents to win the hearts of women and charm his way to his desires. The lyrics, which include phrases like “Metaphor and rhythm make you fair weak in the knees / Promises and miracles and mudflat symphonies,” conjure a vivid picture of the protagonist’s actions and motivations.

This captivating track boasts a stellar ensemble of musicians. The guitars resonate with Steve Schuffert’s mastery; George Elliott sets the pace with his skilled bass guitar accompaniment, while George Perilli keeps the rhythm on drums. The backing vocals, beautifully delivered by Stevee Wellons, Joy Brown, and Bernice Wilkerson, add an extra dimension to the song. 

Produced by Ace Acker with engineering mastery by David Granati at Maplewood Studio in Ambridge, PA, the track was then mixed and mastered by Brian Foraker for a polished finish.

As of now, “One More Story to Tell” is ready for discovery on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. Further exploration of Sun King Rising and its music can be undertaken at www.sunkingrising.com.

Take a peek into the influences behind Blangero’s music, and one can sense a strong underpinning of Southern family values and culture. Drawing inspiration from his generation’s icons, his music offers a cocktail of William Faulkner’s literary genius, George Gershwin’s blues-infused compositions, Elton John’s blue-eyed soul, and the funky beats and brassy tones of the ’60s-’70s Muscle Shoals. Signs & Wonders is a compilation of Blangero’s southern noir stories turned to music, starring each captivating and charismatic character experience in full lyrical technicolor, doing justice to lacquered tales of crime, absolution, unrequited love, and limitless affection.

Outside of his triumphant music career, John Blangero is also a globally respected genetic scientist who has dedicated significant time to research during the COVID pandemic.

In Blangero’s own words, “I want the fans to think of better days and the sweet smells of magnolia and jasmine sitting on their porches and listening to music that touched their souls in the humid evenings.” Unerringly, “One More Story to Tell” seems poised to create just that experience for listeners, offering an escape into a world of enchantment and soulful rhythm.

For more about Sun King Rising and their mesmerizing musical tales, follow them on Instagram at www.instagram.com/sunkingrising/?hl=en and Facebook at www.facebook.com/SunKingRising/.

So, as you sit back and uncork the world of “One More Story to Tell,” allow the mellow beats and masterful lyrics to transport you and immerse you in Sun King Rising’s evocative southern soundscape.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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