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Intel Appoints Stuart Pann to Lead IFS as Koduri Leaves

Intel, the world’s leading semiconductor giant, has undergone a significant leadership shuffle with the appointment of Stuart Pann as the new Vice President and General Manager of the Intel Foundry Services (IFS). This announcement was made in March 2023, following the departure of Raja Koduri, who left to join an AI startup.

Stuart Pann’s Appointment as the New Vice President and General Manager of the IFS

Stuart Pann is a seasoned technology veteran with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Stuart used to work at Intel as the Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Business Management Group. During his tenure at Intel, he oversaw pricing, revenue, and forecasting for all microprocessor and chipset operations in the short and long term. Stuart joined HP Inc. in June 2014 as the Chief Supply Chain Officer, responsible for managing the company’s global supply chain operations. In 2021, he returned to Intel.

Pann will lead the IFS business unit in his new role at Intel, responsible for developing and delivering the company’s data center platforms and solutions. This includes taking charge of the collaborative initiative to bring Intel’s IDM 2.0 vision to life to transform our supply chain into a source of competitive advantage. Pann will also drive innovation within the IFS and ensure that Intel remains a leader in the data center industry.

Raja Koduri’s Departure and Move to an AI Startup

Raja Koduri was the chief architect for Intel’s GPU and accelerator businesses. Before that, he was the general manager of Intel’s Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group. Koduri officially left the company in March 2023 to join an AI startup. He has been with Intel for about six years, and during his tenure, he oversaw the development of the company’s dedicated graphics processing units (GPUs) for data centers.

Koduri is departing from Intel during instability regarding their GPU endeavors. Intel has just called off their Ponte Vecchio successor, which has caused a halt of 2 years in their plans to release a GPU for data centers. Consequently, Intel’s next GPU offering, Falcon Shores, is not scheduled to be launched until 2025. As a result, Intel will experience significant changes in its product lineup and GPU leadership during 2023.

Intel’s Leadership Shuffle and Its Impact on the Company

Intel’s leadership shuffle comes at a critical time for the company. Intel has faced several challenges recently, including delays in its chip manufacturing process and increasing competition from rivals in key markets like data centers and PCs.

With the appointment of Stuart Pann as the new head of the IFS, Intel is signaling its commitment to the data center market and its continued investment in developing innovative solutions for its customers. Pann’s extensive experience in supply chain management and business operations will ensure that Intel can deliver its products to the market efficiently and effectively.


Intel’s leadership shuffle is a significant development for the company, highlighting the challenges and opportunities in the tech industry. As Intel continues to navigate these challenges, it will be essential for the company to maintain its focus on innovation and invest in the technologies that will drive growth and success in the years to come.

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